Sunday, December 20, 2009

DVD Review: On Location with Redd Foxx

Enough said, just look at who it is. How many of you can say that you've heard, better yet, seen a Redd Foxx stand up show? We know a lot of you kats never have, but here's your chance to hear and see a pioneer at his best.

This is one of the rarest shows that's available featuring Redd doing stand up. Some of you may have heard a few snippets of this show in a rap song or comedy documentary because this feature is probably his most popular. But the fact that it's available for you to review is what makes it special.

The show starts with Redd coming out and welcoming his all white audience. He makes light, no pun intended, that his audience is all white, so he'll make it real simple for everyone to understand his type of comedy. From the gate, Redd starts blazing cigarettes and putting down drinks. He's not finished with his first full joke before he's already burned up at least 3 jacks. He burns through an entire pack, a fresh pack of jacks, the entire 1 hour plus he's on stage. Now we see why his voice was so gravely.

Redd's jokes were quick and on point. He has some good one liners in there that may go over your head but if you run it back, you may get what he was saying. The entire show is not like that, he does tell stories throughout the show that are simply hilarious. The one story that stuck out is the story of the woman who paid a visit to her doctor with a hormone issue, and we'll leave it at that. You'll have to review the DVD for yourself to hear the rest.

As we stated, we enjoyed this old comedy from Redd Foxx and we wish for everyone to contact us for a chance to review it. It's some good classic stuff on there; the type of stuff your parents used to put you to bed early so they can listen to it theirselves. Now it's your turn to check out what made your folks laugh out loud in the middle of the night.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

DVD Review: Janky Promoters

Ice Cube and Mike Epps have done it once again with their newest film, Janky Promoters. Don't think because the movie went straight to DVD means that the movie isn't any good; it just meant that the company that financed the film didn't have any money to market and promote it, so they took their chances on distributing it exclusively with Blockbuster and hope that DVD rental sales can offset some costs. But the movie really is good, so don't skip by it just because....

We start out with Russell Redds and Jellyroll running out of a club or venue, getting shot at by someone wearing corn chips and chucks, then it flashes back to how it all started. Russell and Jellyroll are partners, they promote shows in their hometown of Modesto County, California. Apparently, the two aren't that good at it because ticket sales for the upcoming Young Jeezy isn't doing too good. They claim Modesto is a 'walk up' town and ticket sales will pick up on the day of the event. They haven't paid for the venue, the talent, nothing; they don't have any money, period.

The day of the event, Jeezy comes to town and he wants his money up front. The two stall Jeezy to basically try to get him to perform for free but if that doesn't work out and the gate is short, hustle their way to having him perform for less cash. No one knows the plan but themselves, and when they involve the local drug dealer, an unproven local rapper, wedding money, alleged rape, and use a whole lot of front money on clothes and other material items, things really hit the fan.

We wouldn't say that these two are really janky (shady), but these two dudes just don't have the knowhow, or the clout to make a show happen, even with a headliner such as Young Jeezy coming to town. But when you start messing with people's money, you are going to have to answer a lot of questions and suffer the consequences. When getting involved in such a racquet, your hustle game better be tight and right. Neither Russell nor Jellyroll had the gift to get out of any situation and it was going to cost them their lives. Instead of being professional about everything, they played a lot and when people caught on, they couldn't do nothing but run. In the end, some of the important pieces fell in place for Russell and Jellyroll and all was forgiven, but in reality, most kats aren't so lucky.

To all the young inspiring hustlers out there, think things through first before acting on an impulse. Have backup plans for each one of your plans; make sure you don't screw anyone over in the process for your own personal gain, because the person you screw over today could be someone you depend on later. Imagine being in the shoes of Russell and Jellyroll, throwing wack concert after wack concert; not only you don't have respect for the game, no one will have respect for you as a promoter and as a person. All your street credibility will be gone and there won't be a snowball chance in hell you could ever make money trying to promote anything. Even with your name on a product could taint the efforts of a established promoter. So don't do it to yourself, and don't do it to others. Play the game straight and the game will be straight with you.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

DVD Review: Drag Me To Hell

Seeing the trailer for Drag Me To Hell when it was first introduced back in the summer, it looked extremely interesting. We had no idea what it could have been about, except that some dude had a spirit coming out of his mouth and the name of the movie was very intriguing, Drag Me To Hell.

Now, the previews didn’t give too much information on the movie, and neither will we. But we will say that the movie is very entertaining with its special effects and storyline. There is a moral to this story as well, and that will be discussed at the end of this review. But the story of Christine Brown is an odd but sad one. She’s a loan officer in a bank and she wants the assistant manager position real bad. She has competition in a new hire, which the manager has high hopes for. The manager won’t give a decision on who’s he going to name as assistant manager and explains that the two are running neck and neck for the position. Every little thing and every big thing could determine if Christine gets the position she dreams about. The new hire, Stu, is a shifty eyed individual, who you can see, will do anything to undermine Christine and win that position.

When an old lady sits down with Christine and asks for a third extension on her home loan, Christine feels for her, but asks her manager for the extension. The manager doesn’t want to make that decision and leaves it up to Christine. Christine, thinking that denying the old lady an extension will get her in the good graces of her manager, tells the old lady the extension can’t happen and that she’ll be losing her house. The old lady flips out in the middle of the bank and is carried out by security. When Christine is in the garage about to go home, an altercation occurs which leaves her altered, mentally and spiritually.

As the movie progresses, Christine finds out through a seer, that she’s had a curse placed on her and in a matter of 3 days, a demon will come to claim her soul for his own. Now Christine must find the old lady, make amends and ask for the old lady’s forgiveness and to have the curse lifted. As the day turn to night and night to day, a shadowy figure abuse and torment Christine. Through various methods, including a séance, Christine tries to rid herself of the curse and this demon figure that has been tormenting her and will come to claim her soul in a matter of days. The seer then gives her a bit of advice that seemed so simple and could have been done in the very beginning to avoid the drama that her life has been enduring, but the seer wanted to help another medium rid the world of the demon that was unsuccessful 40 years prior.

Once all efforts seem successful, a mental mistake is made and not only does Christine still have to confront the demon that wants her soul, it’s a mistake that she’ll regret for the rest of her life.

The moral of this story is that one’s greed and desire can hurt other people and ultimately destroy oneself. Christine Brown had the opportunity afforded to her to save the old lady’s home and she sought that opportunity to advance her career by putting the old lady out on the street. Not knowing that her one little loan extension will not make or break the bank. She put herself first above someone who needed help and it eventually came back on her in the worst way. Not saying that eternal damnation is a punishment for such a selfish act, but you never know who you’re dealing with and what those people can do to you once you’ve wronged them. Selfishness and greed was Christine’s motivation and it was her downfall. The same thing happened to Tony Montana in the movie Scarface. He got greedy and made a mistake in poor judgment and he died for his selfish act. Remember to think of others first, even with the smallest of things, it’ll make you feel better. Don’t think that you have to be obligated to do anything for anyone, but do it out of the kindness of your heart. You’ll never know when you’ll rely on someone to do something for you, when you’re down and out.

Contact us if you’re interested in reviewing Drag Me To Hell for yourself.

Friday, October 30, 2009

DVD Review: Orphan

When Orphan first previewed, we at P³ Entertainment chalked it up as another Omen knockoff that no one wants to see. Well, there’s an old saying, “never judge a book by its cover”. That saying holds strong to what this movie was about. Yes, the movie is a bit cliché with the disturbed child that does “things” to hurt people, but the movie is entertaining and very surprising on its plot twist.

Orphan is about a married couple who wish to have a third child after the still born delivery a year earlier of their third child. The strain on the mother’s body would be too much for her to carry again, so the couple decides to adopt. They go the route of adopting an older child and after going to the orphanage to meet some potential children they could call their own, they are taken to a young, shy, talented, and very smart 9-year old girl named Esther. After spending several hours talking and getting to know Esther, the couple decides she’s the one they wish to take home.

Esther makes herself right at home by becoming a big sister to the youngest daughter (who’s deaf) and competition to the oldest son. She also gets very close to the father but has a problem with bonding with the mother. In school, Esther is teased about her mode of dress and she makes an enemy out of one little girl who repeatedly teases and torments her. Esther isn’t the type to get teased and tormented, so she finds the right time to let this little girl know she’s the wrong orphan to F with. What Esther does is nothing supernatural like Damien of The Omen, but does something common that kids do when they want get back on someone who’s done them wrong. The littlest sister sees this incident and doesn’t speak of it because Esther influences her that what she did wasn’t wrong and that she will accompany her at all times.

As the movies goes on, the mother becomes suspicious about Esther that bad things happen when she’s around. The mother contacts the orphanage and the nun agrees that in the past, Esther has had problems with socializing with other children in the orphanage and that some of the other homes Esther has lived in, bad things have happened, including the death of an entire family in a house fire. The mother begins to put the pieces of Esther’s puzzle together, but by this time, Esther has won the heart and mind of the father, controls the youngest daughter, and has a battle with the son, which puts him in the hospital. The mother wants Esther out of the house, but the father wants the mother out of the house and a divorce. At this point, we’re thinking, this dude is weak. He’s not even listening to his own wife and siding with a little girl who he knows nothing about and he’s not even being logical in his reasoning when his wife is trying to tell him there’s something wrong with Esther.

When it comes down to it, the mother finds out Esther’s secret. By this time, the mother has been committed for a psych evaluation and Esther is set out to complete her mission. The mother does everything in her power to save her family and Esther will see to it that she doesn’t.

The ending has a plot twist, of sorts, that took us by surprise. Everyone isn’t who they seem to be and raises our eyebrow on you knowing exactly who you deal with at all times. But the lesson to be learned from this movie is keep your eyes open at all times, and listen to your loved ones. When they are trying to tell you something, listen. It could be a matter of life or death.

Contact us if you’re interested in reviewing Orphan for yourself.

Friday, October 2, 2009

DVD Review: Blood and Bone

Here’s another flick that you’ve probably seen advertised on television, once. Seeing the preview, we didn’t know what to think of it. It stars Michael Jai White, the black martial arts dude that played Spawn many, many, many years ago, Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?, Trois 2: Pandora’s Box, and a slew of other movies. You’ve seen him before. The movie also stars the sexy Nona Gaye, daughter of soul and R&B legend, Marvin Gaye; Eamonn Walker, who played Minister Said from the old HBO show Oz, and a few recognizable names and faces from the MMA world.

The movie starts out with Bone (Michael Jai White) in prison and talking to another inmate; then a group of other inmates surround him with the option of joining their group or suffer. Bone turns around and tells the group “they have until the count of 5”, and they all think he’s joking as he starts the countdown. When he gets to 3, he proceeds to mash the entire group and wants the group’s leader to deliver a message, “I want you to tell every motherfucka behind these walls, if they get the notion to fuck with me……….don’t”. Now that’s some go-hard shit.

Once Bone is released from prison, he finds a place to stay. He takes up with an old man and a woman who take in children to keep them safe from the streets. The woman lays down the rules of the house and he humbly obliges. As Bone stays in the house, he befriends the old man by playing chess with him and taking an interest in why the children are in the house to make the woman feel easy about him being in the house. Bone befriends a small Asian dude named Pinball after going to an underground Fight Club. Pinball is a promoter and Bone takes an interest in fighting under Pinball’s management for money. From this point, Bone’s mission is about to take place.

Introduced during the first pit-fight, we have the villain, James, played by Eamonn Walker. He’s a well-suited individual with a look in his eye of a man who gets what he wants when he wants it. There is a moment where Bone and James make eye contact where you know something is up between the two. James leaves the event to take care of some other business and Bone convinces Pinball to get him a fight with the last $200 in his pocket. Bone wins the fight in quick and impressive fashion and goes on to become the craze of the underground circuit after winning several fights over time. Word gets back to James and he has a proposition for Bone to fight for him. Bone tells James he’d think about fighting for him and from this point, Bone becomes his own man and James has a problem with that.

There is a reason why Bone and James’ lives become intertwined. It’s a deep story of a man who sets out for revenge for all the right reasons. Bone is a man who keeps his word to a friend and unites those lost in the storm with those who are looking for guidance. He doesn’t lose his cool throughout the movie, even in dire situations, which we find pretty funny, but that’s cool. The fight scenes are pretty good, and the final battle is pretty entertaining to watch. The storyline is pretty solid and not too predictable, so it’s a movie you can sit through and not get bored with it.
We recommend this film for those who are interested in martial arts movies with a pretty solid storyline, good fighting, and OK acting.

Contact us if you’re interested in reviewing Blood and Bone for yourself.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Commentary: Washington Redskins

Well, what can we say? The proof is now in the pudding that the Washington Redskins, our beloved Washington Redskins are officially one of the worst teams in the NFL. We're not saying they ARE the worst team in the league because they lost to the Detroit Lions, a team that hasn't won a game in 22 months, dating back to December 2007; we're saying they're the worst team in the league because they walk with an arrogance as though certain down-and-under teams are below them, then turn around and lose to them. Also, if you really pay close attention, many-a-good thing happens to other teams and players at the Washington Redskins expense. Bad teams beat us, individual players and teams have record breaking performances against us, just the league in general get their nut off on the Redskins. Look at highlight reels from ESPN or NFL Films, the Redskins are always on the receiving end of something negative to us and positive to someone else. We haven’t seen a Redskin yet do something big against some other team in the league yet, or at least in recent memory. And the players have the nerve to walk with swag?

The players on the team do not deserve to walk with the swag they think they can walk with because they are a bunch of overpaid, underachieving millionaires. Just because they have deep pockets don't translate into respect from the local community or on the football field. They need to win games. Just because they hustled Daniel Snyder doesn't mean they can sit back and relax, and play a little bit of football, knowing that a good portion of their contracts are guaranteed. That's the mentality these kats have on the Washington Redskins. Winning a championship isn't the first thing on their minds; nope, it's throwing an after-party someplace in the District, trying to become a local television celebrity by showing up in Eastern Motors commercials, or tricking their money off on some broad that's along for the ride. That's not swag at all. How about winning some football games and earning the respect of the fans and not getting laughed at by the entire NFL for losing to a team they should have crushed? Remember, according to Clinton Portis, the Washington Redskins are one of the most, if not, thee most talented team in the NFL........on paper. He got that right, on paper.

The team is littered with highly regarded athletes who are either living off past accomplishments on other teams, then got paid, or over the hill players, who can't stay healthy, and are now overpaid because their contracts drag out for so long, they can be "injured" for as long as they please and they still get paid without playing. Shawn Springs played the oft injured role to perfection here in Washington. We're surprised no one called him on the game he was playing. Every year he would come into training camp injured, sit out most of the season injured and only play in the big games like Dallas, Philadelphia, or when some high powered team comes into town like New England or Baltimore. It was like he was picking and choosing when he wanted to play and no one called him on it. Well Springs is water under the bridge now. He's gone and playing nice and healthy for New England, go figure. But he's the type of player this franchise has attracted or drafted since Daniel Snyder bought the team ten or so years ago. The team has some good names on paper, but when you get them on the field, it's a different story. It's been proven through history, having a "stacked squad" doesn't translate to winning anything. You may win a few games here and there, but when it all counts, that chemistry must work and this team has no chemistry.

The mad scientist, Daniel Snyder, is to blame. The issues of any franchise, whether it positive or negative, starts with ownership/upper management, all the way down to the equipment manager. This team has had no chemistry since Snyder took it over by trying to create a fantasy football team of big names and over-the-hill players, and signing them to huge contracts that they'd have to be completely brain dead not to sign. Over the years, Snyder has continued this trend until it's to the point he can't even spend money on free agents because all the money is locked up on players he's signed to high-end deals and they are totally ineffective. Either the player wasn't what the franchise thought he'd be, he took the money and sat on it, or he got traded away and the team still pays a good portion of the remaining contract, while that player is contributing with another team. Players around the league know, that if they want a big payday, sign with Washington. That's a known inside thing in the NFL. The owner of the Washington Redskins has a open wallet and if you have a decent season during the last year of your contract with another team, Snyder is going to come calling. And after making so many of these phone calls, the teams he's put together over the last few years are nothing but a motley crew of pieces that don't fit in the grand scheme of trying to maintain a winning franchise. On paper, it's supposed to work. They have players that other teams could use, but here in Washington, for whatever reason, those players don't work well together. The chemistry just isn't there or is it because the effort to win isn't displayed on the field?

What happened this past Sunday at Detroit was that the Washington Redskins gave up in the first half of the game. The swag they think they posses was all gone because they thought they were going into Detroit for an easy win. When they saw that they were going to, now gasp, play to win, their spirits were broken. The same thing happened to them last season when the 1-6 St. Louis Rams came into FedEx Field and won their second game of the season 8 games into the season against the 6-1 Washington Redskins. After that loss, several Redskin players admitted that they were over-confident and overlooked the Rams; and said it with a smile on their faces. How can you overlook any team in the NFL, let alone, any sport? You still need to suit up and go out and earn the victory, no matter who the opponent is, and what their record may be. This disgusting attitude has landed Washington’s team in the situation it’s in now. The media and management may blame Coach Jim Zorn for not preparing the team for games, as well as questionable play calling, and a whole lot of other stuff, but when it comes down to it, it’s execution that gets the win at the end. Execution is something this team does not know how to create.

What are the factors for this teams inconsistency? Truth be told, the Washington Redskins have been an inconsistent franchise since…….forever. They may have a few Lombardi trophies in the case, but almost every team in the league does. At some point in time, a bad team gets a run going and wins something, and then there are the teams that are consistently good. Over the 77 years the team has existed, they only have a .515 winning percentage. From where we come from, a .515 winning percentage is average. Average, to the Washington fans isn’t acceptable, because the Washington fans want to see a consistent winner. We aren’t spoiled by any means; we just want to see our team win. And losing to the door mats of the league in consecutive seasons isn’t going to make the fans happy, nor will it bring some sort of stability to this franchise.

Now with that loss and even before that loss, Coach Jim Zorn’s job security is tested. He has to do something to bring life back into this franchise and the fan base. P³ Entertainment has talked to several diehard Washington Redskin fans and they are ready to “walk away”. We know they’re not going to start supporting other teams, but they are going to ignore the team and focus their time and energy on other things. There is no reason to continue to watch this franchise fail time and time again, when “on paper” they are the best team in the NFL. If you watch “the best NFL team on paper” actually play, they are not the best team in the NFL in any fashion. They may be in the top 10 in a majority of the offensive statistical categories, but they can’t score when they get into the Red Zone. That’s been their problems for the past few years. Red Zone offense is an issue that needs to be resolved, and quickly. And not only is the Red Zone offense a problem, their corner and defensive backs are getting burned game after game. They can’t cover an old lady using a walker in a route and any decent quarterback who studies film should know to go at the DBs every game with malice in their hearts. The offensive line is only good for so many games before they start to break down, because the franchise refuses to draft young backups for the offensive line positions and utilize them sparingly so they can gain some sort of experience. They trade away their high draft picks for players who were a problem child for other teams and then lose them to free agency a year later or trade that player away for another player of no value to the team. That’s why the problems of the team start at the very summit and works it way down. The very attitude of how the franchise is run trickles down to the players and even lower. The fans now see this and wish for a change, but there will be no change as long as Daniel Snyder continues to own the franchise and micro-manages the player personnel. He’s going to run the franchise as he sees fit and in his vision; no matter how convoluted his vision may be. And in the meantime, the players are going to get paid then chill, and we as fans are going to continue to see this bullshit of a football team and be pissed off every other Monday because they can’t get it together.

P³ Entertainment wish the Redskins well during this young season. We hope Coach Jim Zorn doesn’t lose his job because the players just don’t fit and he doesn't have much to work with. Maybe he should step up and tell Daniel Snyder to get him players that he knows will work in his scheme, instead of using the parts that Snyder sees as his play pieces to a winning team. Sometimes stepping to the boss isn’t a bad idea when all other ideas just don’t work. Good luck Redskins.

This is P³ Entertainment with a commentary, straight, no chaser.

Monday, September 21, 2009

DVD Review: Mike Epps - Funny Bidness

In the light of Chappelle’s Show, funnyman Mike Epps brings his own brand of sketch comedy to DVD with the hilarious Funny Bidness. With a mixture of stand-up comedy, straight from the streets interaction with everyday people, and sketch comedy, this DVD is a must have for your collection.

Mike Epps is one funny dude. He starts off with some stand up, talking about everything as common as standing on the stage and having thoughts of looking like a pimp, to seeing a white girl leave early and he noticing she has no ass. It’s the usual Mike Epps, cracking jokes and acting silly. The skits are the highlight of the DVD. He starts the skits off by having a parody of the late night reality show “Cheaters”, where Mike plays a guy cheating on his girlfriend with someone from her family. He’s out in the open about his cheating and the explanation why he’s cheating will have you rolling on the floor.

Some of his stand up, you may have seen from previous stand up shows and DVD releases, but that’s normal for comedians to recycle jokes for about a year, but the new stuff is must see. He talks about strip clubs, having more friends while on drugs than when having money, relationships with God once you get money and how God will test your faith by threatening to take your money, and how expensive church has gotten.

Other skits include a parody of “Unsolved Mysteries”, where a parolee winning a $2 million dollar lottery and celebrating the win in the halfway house he’s staying in then comes up missing, and he didn’t go on vacation; a day in the life of Michelle and Barack Obama in the White House; and a skit where a lonely woman summons the mythical “The Cuddler” to lay down and cuddle with her. There are other skits on the DVD that are just as funny like the parody of the Dr. Phil Show, and a mid 80s early 90s singing and dancing sensation who went from riches to rags due to an embarrassing problem, he had to ‘fly the coup’. We’re not going to tell everything that he does in the 90 minutes of hilarious antics, but it’s a good DVD to pick up and pop in and have a good time with your lady/man or while you’re having a get together.

Check out the DVD. It’s available from P³ Entertainment for review.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

DVD Review: Next Day Air

The previews don't give this movie any justice. When you see the previews, you think that's going to be some corny comedy movie starring Mike Epps, Wood Harris, Donald Faison and a couple others in the supporting cast. Well, this movie will take you by surprise on how determined everyone was on making "the exchange" after a package is delivered to the wrong apartment. The movie has its funny moments, but the drama of making that exchange is what makes it different. We can't say whether the movie is supposed to be a comedy mixed with action, or simply a dark comedy, action/crime movie. We're leaning more towards dark comedy, action/crime movie due to the subject matter and violence.

The movie starts off with Donald Faison's character delivering a package to the wrong apartment because he's always high on the job. The package is then opened and low and behold, it's 10 bricks of yayo. Mike Epps and Wood Harris' characters decide to sell the contents of the package to an associate who has the money to take it off their hands easily. When it's realized that the package was delivered but to the wrong location, the people who was expecting the package goes looking for it. Then the sender of the package involves himself in the search by making a special trip from California to Philadelphia and dishing out his brand of pain because he's looking for his product.

Once everyone with their agendas on their mind meet in the same place, the air gets real thick and the drama picks up, 10 fold. Now relunctant businessmen are now forced allies and when it's all said and done, a simple mistake of delivering a package to the wrong door leads to sheer confusion and a massive shootout ensues.

There are lessons to be learned during this movie. The lesson of you can't always trust those close to you. You've heard the saying, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". With so much on the line, drugs and money, friendships are re-evaluated on mere misspoken words, and the thought of bringing harm to your own family members are put to the test. Just because someone has status or something material, makes them a target. Do you have the will to put that all to the side and protect your family, or will you go all out, and take them out for your own personal gain? Loyalty to family or loyalty to money is the question. That's a little something within the movie you might want to look out for.

There's a quotable during the movie and repeated towards the end that should be remembered, "Always remember what you're doing it for. If it ain't worth dying for, you don't want to be in it."

Friday, September 18, 2009

Commentary: Bitch-Ass-Ness

We at P³ are some caring and understanding individuals. We care for others, just as others care for us. We listen and heed all the facts and other bits of information before we pass judgment on anyone and any situation, and we don’t tolerate immature activities by grown individuals. It’s unacceptable for a man or woman, regardless of sobriety to act the way of a punk ass bitch because they have the freedom to do so. We all need to grow up and do and say mature things to provide a positive image and be a positive role model to our children and others, whom look up to us due to the position we are posted, regardless of your economic status. We are all being watched by someone, whether it be our boyfriend/girlfriend, our parents, our boss at work, a stranger, and even our children. Whatever we do and/or say reflects what type of person you are to the other person and that’s the impression that lasts with those people. You rarely get a second chance to make a first impression. But when your actions are consistently offbase, then you are showing everyone what type of person you really are.

Now what Kanye West did last Sunday night was on the level of bitch-ass-ness. There was no excuse for what he did but to draw attention to himself. If you don’t know by now, Kanye jumped up on stage while Taylor Swift was preparing to give an acceptance speech after winning the Best Female Video award at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. He takes the microphone away from her and says, “Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!”, then leaves the youngin’ on the stage, shocked and not knowing what to do or say. Before she got a chance to make up for what that asshole had done, her time was up and the show continued on. Taylor Swift is 19 years old and her image and style is as pure as American Pie and for Kanye to spoil her moment, was some bitch ass shit. We don’t care how much Hennessy he had been drinking during the show, we don’t care about his situation dealing with personal loss, he acted that way before that accident (personal loss) and this incident (VMAs), so it’s his nature to do what he did.

We’ve all heard and seen Kanye’s outburst over the years, and many of us have perceived him as a bitch. He has bitch-like tendencies and those tendencies were showing their colors Sunday. There was no need for him to jump up on stage when he wasn’t even involved in the category. Granted, he was biggin’ up his homegirl but he did it at the expense of someone else. Respect and discipline is what he lacks. He acts like he’s on a higher plateau and that everyone is beneath him. We have to remember, since we support his music, not the man, but the music; the man who makes the music is put into a position to do what he did. It was unexcusable, and we can stop supporting him and he loses all status, but we’re not about taking money nor food out of any man’s pocket or mouth. Any reasonable, mature individual wouldn’t have done what he had done, but we’re talking about Kanye West. The same Kanye West who openly speaks ill of the President of the United States (granted, it was warranted) during a live Hurricane Katrine relief telethon. The same Kanye West who went to court and almost got jail time for smashing a paparazzi’s camera. The same Kanye West who just a couple years earlier, vowed to never return to MTV because he was so upset that he had lost in 5 different categories at the VMAs; and before that, the year before, jumped on stage when he lost a couple categories and cried about how he put so much work into his album and he should have won. Plus, he knew who to pick on. It's not like he would jump up on stage and snatch the microphone away from a man, lets say someone from the Wu Tang Clan or M.O.P. He'd get dropped on the spot. Kanye knew that nothing would happen to him by picking on little ole Taylor Swift. That's why we know he wasn't too drunk to not know what he was doing. That's why we know he knows when to pick and choose who's toes he steps on. Any apology he's given are fake. He's only doing it so the mainstream media and people would stop talking about him, not the situation, but him, sooner than normal. See what we mean, bitch-like tendencies.

It'll be a matter of time before he does something again. Just watch and listen. It never fails because it's in his blood to be this way. Apologizing after having a outburst for whatever reason is so hollow. They begin to mean nothing after repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again. Getting him "help" isn't going to help. As long as this douche bag is still in the spotlight, he's going to continue to act this way. The only way for this clown to step back is for us to stop supporting him. That's the only way, but as stated, we're not into taking money out of another man's pocket and food out of his mouth. But that's the only way to rid the industry of this sucka, but we guess we can tolerate the bullshit every now and then; but he does make us look bad.

Now we personally think Kanye is struggling with something within himself. What we’re about to say isn’t anything negative or there’s something wrong with it, but we believe Kanye West is struggling with his sexuality. Yes, dude has been with some fine women over time; yes, he’s sliding up in a thick red bone, who happens to look like Tweety Bird, but she got body though. But there are dudes out there who are homosexual and “mess” with females. He’s trying real hard to fight this within himself and every now and again, us as the general public, get these outbursts from him. He can’t chalk up his recent episode due to drinking; he acted like that in the past. Most people are saying he’s having a hard time dealing with the loss of his mother. That’s a hard sell for P³, because his actions are consistent with things he's done before her death and even after. He can use that as a cop out, but he knows it’s not the reason why he did it. If you in the ‘hood, you’ve seen dudes like Kanye and what is the usual end result? They come out……..and he’s no different.

Once again, we’re not hating on any man. We’re just calling it how it is. Kanye may need therapy, we don’t know, we’re no doctors. But his attitude toward others is way out of line. In the words of Das Efx, “you better check yourself, before you wreck yourself”.

This is P³ Entertainment with a commentary, straight, no chaser.

Commentary: Secrets of a Housewife

We know that if you a couch potato or simply love the drama of “reality television”, you are watching ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ on Bravo. It’s a guilty pleasure of P³ to watch this show to find out what kind of drama exists out there in the world that we try to avoid. We’re not even going to name these women because you all know them by now, but there are two of these “housewives” that really irk us at P³. The first is already pictured; we’ll discuss the other at a later time. But you gotta wonder about this one. How is she a “housewife” when she’s not married anymore? She won’t get remarried because it cuts her off from her $250K per year alimony, plus she checks $30K in child support each month. So it may look good for her to check that bank ($51K) per month, and throw in the deep pockets of “Big Papa”, she has nothing to worry about. But to the ‘common’ folk who look at her and how she’s going about her money, she’s looking more and more like a lazy call girl. That’s right, one of her rivals may have hit the nail on the head and let the cat out the bag when she called her a call girl during a heated argument.

Let’s get what we know about “Miss Tardy to the Party” out in the open for those who don’t watch the show, never heard of it, or simply have lost interest in the product. Oh yes, we at P³ are losing interest in the RHOA product. We haven’t missed an episode, (we catch the replays), but we don’t go out of our way to watch it because it’s getting too predictable and mundane. But let’s talk about the subject at hand, the faux blonde, who’s a stay-at-home mother, whose income consists of alimony, child support, and various individuals who may be lying down with her. She says it out of her own mouth that she “needs to find a real job”, so what is your first job? Granted, most fiscally responsible people can live off the $51K per month, but from the shows perspective, it seems as if she spends beyond her means. It’s not our problem to wonder if she is spending more than she’s bringing in, and it may even read as if we are concerned about her spending habits, but for real, forking over several thousands of dollars for wigs, shoes, and purses as an impulse buy is crazy.

But seriously, what is her job that keeps the bills paid? How is she a socialite and connected to people like “Lindsay Lohan’s daddy” and other pseudo celebrities while she supposedly does nothing? What is she doing to stay connected? Or is she even connected due to her relationship to “Big Papa”? The mystery of her connection leads us to believe that she provides the “girlfriend experience” to many men, but “Big Papa” happens to be her main man.

When we Googled her, and for someone who’s “out there”, she has no past. Call girls generally aren’t seen in public but are attractive, educated, well-groomed, youthful, and are often employed through escort services. But the profession does have its renegades and strays that tend to go into business for themselves. “Miss Tardy to the Party” seems to operate by her own set of rules. Her “financial backers”, along with “Big Papa” are probably some of her favorite clients, and to get more money, she goes out on dates with other men, whom pay for either her time on a date (“the girlfriend experience”), or something extra. This is very evident on an episode when she’s out to dinner with “Lindsay Lohan’s daddy” and a few others, and after two other women on the show wanted to talk to her, she left in tears and ran over to another man and started deep kissing him. Now, let us tell you, deep kissing is something a call girl does on a date. We don’t know if she was out on a date with “Lindsay Lohan’s daddy” or the other man, but regardless, her acts were that of a call girl. She’s without a doubt, a kept woman; but all the signs are there that she’s some sort of high-end call girl that has sex for money or provides companionship to many men for money.

So it’s big business for her to maintain her single status to continue to get her alimony and child support, and it’s definitely big business to maintain her in and out relationships with these men to get more money. Can’t knock her hustle, but she cannot say she’s a woman of integrity and a positive role model for her children when she runs out on these dates and doing who knows what with men to get money. She’s an upscale hoe, without a doubt; and it makes us sick to see someone like herself walk around, acting all humble, like the world is against her, when she’s going around telling people’s business, putting it out in the streets like a real hooker would and does. And when she gets called out on it, she plays the victim role. That’s what makes us so sick. She needs to own up to her drama and if she got the fortitude to put other people’s issues and affairs out in the street, then admit she said it when she’s called out on it. She needs to stop gossiping is what we’re saying. If someone leans on her shoulder and feels comfortable enough to speak to her about some personal issues, then it should never leave that room. But she takes it upon herself to spread the news like the H1N1 flu and even make up something extra to dirty people names. She’s not a friend to anyone on that show. She’s a leech, and she uses people, their ideas, and their personal drama, to make herself look bigger, and to belittle and embarrass others. She’s no better than a prostitute on the street that sees the world turn every night and day and tells it to the next man, twisting the story up to her liking so she has her fingerprint on it. A hoe is what a hoe does and “Miss Tardy to the Party” has all the attributes of a hoe; just high priced, well connected hoe.

So our advice to “Miss Tardy to the Party” and everyone else out there that has the same undesirable attributes…… a fat one. You probably already do, and you get paid to do it, but don’t try to pass your image off as someone who’s righteous and pure and people attack you for no reason. People attack you for a reason, and it’s reasons you bring unto yourself. Stop the drama, don’t start none, there won’t be none. That’s advice to everyone out there. If someone finds you personable enough to tell you their business, keep it to yourself. Don’t be a 304 and have loose lips. Be true to yourself and the person who is supposed to be your friend. That’s just a little something to sleep on, unless it’s in the blood to be that way.

But point be made, the actions of this pseudo celebrity “housewife” is that of a call girl. There’s no denying it; we covered the basic description of a call girl and she fits the basic description. She’s been told on more than one occasion on the show to stop opening her legs to married men, so even the others on the show know the deal. We just calling it out because her attitude of being a victim all the time is sickening. We are not hating in no form or fashion, we just bringing it to attention that a hoe is a hoe and a hoe is never innocent of any charges brought against them.

This is P³ Entertainment with a commentary, straight, no chaser.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

DVD Review: Charm City

This movie went under the radar, no lie. It's that realism that sets this movie apart from other idenpendent films that come out. Charm City is the nickname of Baltimore, Maryland, if you didn't know, and this film captures some of the struggles that a trio of dudes deal with trying to make it in the city. One dude owns a night club and has to deal with a zoning issue that may have the club closed down. Another dude is simply a tender loving mofo who's about his girls and money, and the last dude is fresh out the joint, wanting to make something of himself and live a straight life.

All three dudes know each other from their childhood days and are well connected to each other. Their private lives are their private lives, so business doesn't mix with pleasure. But when word gets out that a local drug dealer is cakin' like that and one of his henchmen goes around bragging about it, our three dudes take it upon himself to rob the henchmen. When the drug dealer tries to enter the club that one of the dudes own for a night out on the town, he's kicked out and a war on words is played out, which leads to a war in the streets. Not only did the drug dealer have no idea that the three dudes robbed his man for his stash, but the falling out at the club indirectly puts them on his hit list, so regardless, he's going to get them one by one.

On some side business, one of the dudes is interested in his best friends (not associated with the other two) girl. She shows interest in him first because her ex-boyfriend is a cheat and he's torn on whether to step on his man's toes or just let everything play out. When his man finds out that he's messing with her, he steps to him and they rumble. When the fight is over, they realize they been friends too long to let a female come between them and he gets his boy's blessing to mess with her. Then he has news for him that will shock anyone down to their foundation.

You may recognize some of the characters from The Wire, since the movie is based in Baltimore, they try to keep everything "Baltimore", if you know what we're saying. This movie is not too far out there when it comes to the story and it does feel like you know these dudes, or know people in these similar situations. It's almost like a real reality show, edited into a movie.

Check out Charm City, if you haven't already. It's a little drawn out and long, but the story is good and easy to follow. Let us know if you'd like to review Charm City by contacting us at

Saturday, September 12, 2009

DVD Review: Thug Life in D.C.

There is a war going on in the streets of Washington. Teenage ‘thugs’ armed with automatic weapons run many of the inner city blocks. Fully half of the black men between the ages of 18 and 35 are in the prison system. That is more than 24.000 young men in jail or in prison, on probation or parole, out on bond or on the run. For many of them ‘Thug Life’ is the guiding philosophy. As they see it, life is short, with few options, so they live fast and dangerously, as they scramble for their share of the pie with the rapacious zeal of corporate raiders.

Filmmakers Marc Levin and Daphne Pinkerson follow one of these teenagers over the course of two and a half years, from his entry into the prison system. We meet Aundrey Burno #268 428, aka ‘Bruno’, in the DC jail, where he is awaiting trial for the attempted murder of a police officer and the murder of an 18-year-old boy. He has been locked down on suspicion of stabbing another inmate. He wears a towel over his face, outlaw style. He is king of the juveniles, well respected for his dedication to thug life. ”I am the definition of thug,” he says. He is facing a total of 115 years.

Thug Life In D.C. tells the harrowing true story of Aundrey. On one hand Burno is a street-hardened young man who talks of the "thug life" creed that "you gotta do what you gotta do to survive," but at the same time it's hard not to see the fear and despair in his eyes as his case moves along, or in his pleas to his younger brother not to follow the path he's walked. Thug Life In D.C. was produced by Levin for HBO's America Undercover documentary series.

But as his 18th birthday approaches, so does the grim realization that he may spend the rest of his life in prison. He takes off his mask to speak to the filmmakers, revealing a young man with surprising insights into himself and his circumstances. He tries to convince his younger brother, Kevin, not to follow in his footsteps, but predicts that he will join him one day. Bruno feels that he has no options in life, observing, ”Our generation died when our fathers were born.”

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DVD Review: Dough Boys

Most of you probably saw this on BET and thought it was a fake Juice or Boyz N Da Hood, or some other 'hood movie. Nah, it doesn't even scratch the surface of those classic films, but it does display the greed of a group of young hustlers who have no direction in life but to live what they know.......survival.

When four young men plot to make quick cash by breaking into a storage facility and steal the counterfeit poker chips of a unknown person and sell them to a known big time hustler from the neighborhood, they didn't expect what would happen next. For the next few days, their lives are turned upside down when they have to come up with $10,000 by the end of the week and pay the individual whom the chips belong to.........the hustler they were trying to sell them to.

Check out the young men as they plan, plot, scheme, rob, and sell their possessions to come up with the money by the deadline or get bodied. But when unforeseen circumstances happen and they to, get robbed, their situation takes them right back to square one. Now they going to come up a dollar short and a day late on making their payment, so they plan another thoughtless move.........rob the big time drug dealer living in their apartment building. Now they really knee deep in something they don't know how to handle. Can they stick together and figure out a way to come up with the money, or will they crumble and meet their fate, by way of the gun?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

DVD Review: V (The Mini Series)

First of all, most of you kats are probably too young to remember this television show unless you are in your late 20s, early 30s, or older to remember it. This show came on NBC and it's considered as a groundbreaking sci-fi show for its special effects during its time. The show came out in 1983, so most of you are not going to know what I'm talking about and why I'm even talking about it.

I just got this DVD in because Hollywood is about to do a movie remake out of it to make that almighty dollar from something of the 80s once again and I want to get my hands on it before it'll be a hard find. Apparently, Hollywood has run out of ideas and now is reaching back to the Golden Era of movies and entertainment to recycle their dollar. I ain't mad at them for doing it, plus it'll introduce some good stuff that the last couple generations missed out on.

The story starts with alien ships coming to Earth in search of resources, since they used up all their resources on their home world (sounds like us in the next 50 years or so). So the aliens seems nice and they want to exchange technology and other pleasantries with humans to show they are peaceful. Well, we all know that's B.S. because the aliens real plan is to kill or enslave all humans, take Earth's resources and get rats. Yep, the aliens favorite dish is that almighty rat. They not hungry for any iHop, Yums, Levi's, or Popeye's chicken, they want that rat and sometimes...........humans. And the worst thing is that they may look human on the outside, but once they tear away that rubber skin, we get a green goblin lookin' lizard up under there. And to make matters worse, some of the aliens develop feelings (emotional and sexual) towards humans, and even a cross breed alien/human baby is born during the series. You have to check it out.

Call me a geek for knowing what I know about all this stuff, but I'm here to keep you entertained. We all know how fun the 80s was, and I remember how entertaining V was to me, so take your mind on a trip down memory lane and check out V (The Mini Series).


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