Thursday, October 3, 2013


Yung Jay has quietly been on the grind, creating new music, collaborating, and dropping visuals on the low. One of his newest visuals, "Sober Thoughts", is yet another entry into his lyrical catalog.

Battling back and forth on whether to keep a straight mentality or give into the temptation of what fame brings through this rap game; Jay brings an ill verse of everyday living with the ying and yang.

The song features WhiteBoy and the visual is directed by Outel.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Cannon (aka Ryan Cannon) has returned with a new track, "J.D.K. (Just Don't Know)".  Also, be on the lookout for his upcoming mixtape, DeLayed Takeoff.

As a bonus, Cannon also releases, "Made A Way", which is a conceptual theme using one of Big K.R.I.T.'s instrumentals from his 4EvaNaDay album.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stand as One during the Government Shutdown

I don't want to get all preachy about this situation, because not everyone is affected by the Government shutting down by the hands of the Republicans in an attempt to repeal "ObamaCare"; but this message is inspired by the Government shutdown and is for everyone who lives in a struggle or are witnesses to someone living a struggle.

In times like this, it's essential that we all look out for one another. That "every man for thy self" mentality has to be put to bed. Since those that "look down" upon us don't care enough to look out for us, it's up to us to have one another's back in these trying times. KEYWORD: US

There is no more "money to burn" for enjoyment, especially if you're living paycheck to paycheck. Those nights partying and going to the bar, spending money frivolously are just about over. Now, we all have to create a budget, follow it, and monitor it. It's easy to say put money aside for rainy days, but it's really not; especially if you're not disciplined to do so. But now, it's time to discipline yourself on putting money "under the mattress" and forgetting about it. Even if you have to go to your bank, and create an interest bearing account for that rainy day funds, do so. Putting money away in an interest bearing account helps your money grow. Don't spend the interest just because you have it, use your discipline to stack what you receive in interest and watch it grow each money. But DISCIPLINE is what we all will have to act on in order to survive this grey moment in our country, economy, and lives. KEYWORD: DISCIPLINE

It doesn't stop with just discipline, it also involves what was mentioned earlier with everyone working together to support one another. Discipline and teamwork creates a victory for the team. Working together will most certainly achieve success for everyone involved. Don't worry about how much of an effort you put into the team effort to win at this dirty game; as long as an effort was made along with that of your teammates, will we all come out of this situation holding our heads high.

Do not allow this situation to stress you because you don't have what you usually have or used to getting/expecting what you usually get/expect. It's not like that anymore, those days are over. Yet, this is a temporary problem that those folks we put in office will find a temporary fix for. It's up to us to know who we are voting for and what their agendas are, because what they do on the local and national level affects us all; especially on the local level. But voting is another topic of discussion.

Try to stick it out for as long as you can, utilizing your remaining resources, until you absolutely have to request assistance from your peers. It's funny how we all can be buddy-buddy with one another, yet, when we see our "buddy" sinking, we stand on the sideline and watch. Not all of us become spectators in those situations, but now we, as a collective, have to be heroes to one another and save the day for those in distress. No one should bear the burden alone, each person, as a collective, should be able to put a little in to create the whole, which is needed to help out. KEYWORD: COLLECTIVE

Hopefully, this grey moment shouldn't last too long, but if it does, we need to identify those who need the most help, stand them up, so they can continue to live, so we all can continue to stand shoulder to shoulder, and back to back, to weather this storm.

So here's the challenge, try to discipline your spending habits, budget, and put something away. Don't be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for assistance when times get real rough. Don't be a spectator, help those that you deem your friends when you see them hurting. No one is going to help us, but us. But if you still believe that all is well and that you're "shutdown proof", think again, because no one is immune to being cut off from money. Just like, have you ever heard of a drug kingpin living to be old? Nope, they either got caught up by the system/game and got laid down, or they got put away. There are no supermen in this situation, except for those calling the shots, and none of us are calling the shots. Keep thinking that way, and see what happens. Keep living your life like you in a rap video, and see that one day you're going to wake up dusty, funky, and looking for a handout.

We have to function as a collective to make it. No more jealously, no more self-centeredness, no more "every man for thy self". If we can't look out for one another, who will? This situation right now, proves that the Government won't look out for us, so stop depending on them to do so.

United We Stand, United We Fall.


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