Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Foreign Exchange Program

If you've been listening to the P³ Entertainment ‏Radio Show over the past few weeks, you may have heard me mention there will be an "Exchange Program", where I am recruiting independent artists from the DMV region, as well as other independent artists from around the country to participate in the program to have their music showcased and played on a radio show originating out of the United Kingdom. The radio show is hosted by an artist that I have showcased and played on the P³ Entertainment Radio Show in the past by the name of TrixCity (@TrixCity).

This is an opportunity for any and all independent artists who wish to gain more exposure to jump at the chance to get their material heard overseas, not just in their general region or territory.

To participate in this "Exchange Program" or to get more information on this event, contact Mally G (@DMV_Mally_G) on Twitter or simply e-mail your music in .mp3 format to P³ Entertainment, and in the subject line, put "EXCHANGE PROGRAM".  Links to your music and/or video to be played on the UK radio show will be accepted as well.

Remember, this is your opportunity to promote yourself and your region on foreign soil.  So, don't just submit any song to be played, provide your best material with the best quality sound.  You're not only representing yourself, you're also representing your region.  Don't let this opportunity be of any pressure on you or scare you off.  If you're making music, you're making music for the masses, not just your yard or neighborhood.  Legends are made when the world knows their name; so what are you going to be, a "hoodie", or a Legend?

So e-mail those songs .mp3 format to P³ Entertainment, or contact me via Twitter, Mally G (@DMV_Mally_G), to get more information on the "Exchange Program".

Let's do it, DMV....

Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 3 Countdown Review (ending 11/30)

Smoke Greene dominate the Countdown for the #1 spot
With so many new competition as candidates to be #1 on this weeks Countdown, Smoke Greene (@SmokeGreenDMV) grabbed 66% of the vote and ran away with the position.  It was Smoke's first week as a candidate, and his single, Blow Em (featuring Varr) had the stuff needed for the fans and followers to vote him into the #1 spot.

This week saw a mix of older candidates, such as last Countdown winner Che Merk (@CheMerk) and a host of others, but Smoke was the one with his hand held high after the smoke (no pun) cleared.

This weeks show was a special show, as it was a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for AIDS Awareness Day.  The show was entitled, World AIDS Recognition, and it showcased songs from the 80s and 90s that told stories of STD and HIV/AIDS awareness and mishaps.  It made it a very special show, as the seriousness of contracting a disease is very real through having unsafe sex, as well as intravenous drug use.  Check out the show HERE, and enjoy the commentary, as well as the songs promoting STD and HIV/AIDS awareness, along with the Countdown.

If everyone on your team, including yourself, your fans, and followers vote, you can gauge your base.  Hustlin' for votes isn't that hard, simply ReTweet the link to the Voting Booth each week there is a Countdown, and that's all that needs to be done.  Don't allow that thing called an ego get in the way of not voting, not even for yourself.  You have to take pride in your music, whether or not you take the top position.  Simply campaign a little harder, and spread the word that you're looking for approval of your material from the fans and followers.  With the number of candidates on the ballot, and the announcements being sent out through Twitter to vote; no candidate should have zero votes.

There is no gold chalice or blue ribbon for taking the #1 spot on a weekly basis, but campaigning and getting your team, fans, and followers to vote for your work and actually seeing the results, the fruits of your labor is worth the acknowledgement and honor of being #1.

Though P³ Entertainment is relatively unknown to most, we create an alternate avenue to have your music played during a semi-professional broadcast of mainstream and independent music.  We attempt to bring an underground sound to internet radio and give a chance to independent artists that your local and national radio stations will never give a chance.  That is the benefit of submitting your music to the P³ Entertainment Radio Show, either as a regular play or as an entry into the Countdown.  That is the benefit of getting played on the show; another avenue to be heard and show that you do have a loyal following.  You never know who may be listening, and if you show consistency, that's when the majors may come knocking.

This weeks Countdown was rounded out as such:

(2) Freewave
Marni (@marniXchange)

(3) Remember This
Leak (@OneManArmy_Leak)

(4) Sound of My Soul
Cannon (@whoiscannon)

(5) May 17th (featuring 4DaFame & Marco)
Leak (@OneManArmy_Leak)
4DaFame (@Solouptodoloyouknow x @Shaq_Money x @Nino_4DaFame)

To get your song placed into the countdown, contact P³ Entertainment on Twitter @dmv_mally_g or e-mail the mp3 or link to the song to  The Top 10 Voting Booth (located in the right panel) will be open daily until 4PM on Fridays; so gather up your team, fans, and followers, and vote until your fingers can't click anymore to get your song or your favorite independent artist song #1 on the countdown.


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