Friday, July 2, 2010

Commentary: P**** Ain't Worth No Cash

They say a sucka is born everyday but when the sucka has something over the head of the person who done them wrong and can cash in on this "secret", then who's the sucka after all?

Tiger Woods and his now ex-wife Elin Nordegren are now divorced. Not only are they divorced, Tiger Woods took a hit to the pockets of monumental proportions. Elin Nordegren skips and hi-hos her way to the bank $750,000,000 million dollars richer; and not only because of Tiger's cheating ways; nope, she has something over this dude that she can legally blackmail him for that sum of cash. She called all the shots when it came to the demands, because she knows something about Tiger that he doesn't want her telling. So the agreement is that Elin skates off with the biggest celebrity divorce settlement in history, and again, that's $750,000,000 millions dollars without swinging one golf club to win any golf tournament or signing an endorsement deal. The only time Elin swung a golf club was to bust Tiger in the head when she found out he was cheating. Elin also gets full custody of the two children, and most likely any homes they owned together or shall we say he bought with his money, she just happened to live in them, and we won't be surprised if the judge didn't award Elin Tiger's balls, and we're not talking golf balls. We're pretty sure she'll turn those down, since they seem to have been up in everything from his next door neighbors teenage kid to porn stars.

Elin also had crazy demands which Tiger has to meet, like he has to keep his own children away from any potential girlfriends if he were to keep them for any moment in time. How petty can you be? You already financially raped the man for damn near everything he has, and he can't even bring his children around a woman if he's serious about her? What's he supposed to do if he does decide to marry another woman; just one day drop by and introduce this strange woman as "daddy's new wife"? Elin basically is creating for their children a future issue of estrangement from their own father by making this demand. But on the flip side of things, Tiger has a lifetime gag order on Elin from ever speaking about what she knows about him, even in death. Elin can never, ever, speak on Tiger to the media, she can't write a tell-all book, she can't do interviews, nothing, ever. So whatever Tiger has done outside of what we all know and only Elin knows, has to be a horrible and embarrassing thing. That's all he gets out of this situation. Granted, he put himself in this bind, but if Elin got 50% of his value, then he is still worth another $750,000,000.

We did the math on how much Tiger lost due to his "transgressions". For each of the 17 women that we all know Tiger slept with, each woman cost Tiger $44,117,647 plus the extra hush money he was given them. There's a saying, p**** ain't worth no cash, but we guess Tiger doesn't know that saying.

As much as it pisses us off that Elin gets all this money for basically doing nothing, it's Tiger's fault. He had sex with multiple women while he's married, got caught, now he has to write a fat check to his now ex-wife, while she skips and whistles out of town, with the kids, like the pied piper, richer than a mofo. Let this be a lesson to everyone out there that you will eventually get caught cheating and prepare for the consequences to come. Don't look at yourself in Tiger's position, because he has so much more to get stripped from him and still live comfortably, but look at it in the sense of embarrassment and dignity. You'll embarrass yourself by getting caught, you'll embarrass your soon to be future ex by cheating on them, then you have to look at yourself in the mirror and think about what type of dignity you have to put yourself and your family in that situation. You fracture everything you built just to have flings and relationships with people that don't really care for you. If you want to be single, then don't get married. Don't drag others into your lusts and urges. If you want to be a stand up type person, then take care of home, not just yourself. There's others in your home that come before you, it's the same as if you were to say you'd die for your children. Take care of home first, and be a man/woman about taking care of your family.

Communication is the key to all relationships. You must talk things out if something is bothering you about the relationship. If you desire your significant other to get freaky in the bed, then request that. If you desire something more from your other than they are providing you, then request it. Don't go outside your home and find someone who does it, because that person may only provide just that which you currently desire and nothing else. Remember in the Tyler Perry movie, Why Did I Get Married?, the 80/20 Rule? That other gives you the 20% of want that your significant doesn't know you desire and there's nothing else to that person. What type of relationship can you build on just that 20%? It's better to communicate with your significant who already provides the 80% to fulfill that additional 20%. The math is simple on this, 80 is closer to 100 than 20 to 100. It'll take a lot longer for that 20 to get to 100 to be that complete individual that you so desire, and along the way, you'll endure a ton more headaches dealing with the 20 than the 80. At least the 80 has been around longer, understands some of your issues, and will be open minded to changing. The 20 has a lot to change and understand about you before even making a change to be that total individual. How long can you withstand teaching someone to be that man/woman that you already have, and then some? Are you willing to start all over again for the sake of, call it what it is, "getting a nut", and at the same time, losing everything that you've already built at home, losing your significant other, home, and children? You'll be a selfish person if you are, but us humans are selfish by nature. But if you are, be prepared to get stripped buckid naked if you own anything, and even if you don't own anything, prepare for some sort of embarrassing event and dignity hit. P**** ain't worth no cash or embarrassment, so think about what you already have at home before you think about "getting a nut" by that 20% individual.

Here's a old school track by a group out of Flint, Michigan named Top Authority. It's a favorite and tells the truth about paying out for p***** just to "get a nut". So many things comes out of cheating and doing underhanded stuff to get that nut. You can even die, or many levels, from the p****. So be careful out there and think with your big head, not the other one. P**** ain't worth no cash or the embarrassment.

04 .....Ain t Worth No Cash

Update: Movie List

This is the latest and greatest movie list available for you all to save, take a look at, print, choose which movie you'd like to review, share, and spread the word. An update will most likely be posted every other week, unless something major is released for review; then it'll be added to the post here or reviewed online as a movie article.

Every day, something new and old comes our way and we'll be on top of it. So if you're looking for an old blaxploitation film from the 70's or your favorite television show from the 80's, look here first, we might have it for you to review. So check this site as much as you can for a random movie review and updated movie list.

So much time has passed since the last update, 6 months to be exact, but never fear, the movies kept coming in and we've been on top of them to bring them to you to review. Oldie-but-goodies to the new school of Hollywood, we've got it. We cover so much ground, from old black and white gangster movies to classic cartoons for the inner-child of a 30-something.

Our inventory spans over 1,500 titles and growing each and every day. If you don't see a title you're interested in, just contact us, and we'll try to fulfill your request within a few days.

Some of the newest titles we received this week (06/26 thru 07/02) for review are:
  • Hot Tub Time Machine
  • National Lampoon's Vacation
  • Charlie Murphy: I Will Not Apologize
  • Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy
  • O.J. Simpson: Juiced
  • Pet Sematary Two
  • Dune
  • The Crazies (2010)
  • The Incredible Hulk: Season 1, Disc 1-2 of 4
  • Torque
  • Biker Boyz
Contact us at if you live in the DMV region and wish to review something for yourself.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Scarface: Dopeman Music

Mr. Scarface is back!!!

This is supposedly Brad "Scarface" Jordan's first official mixtape. He brings the heat on this effort, pepping up his flow and getting back to spittin' rhymes with a couple new partners, B. James and Monk Kaza.

Scarface's last two efforts were acclaimed as sub par efforts, yet listenable. Many say M.A.D.E. and Emeritus were depressing efforts, focusing on too many dark subjects, making many people think that 'Face is about to put a razor to his wrist. But Dopeman Music is a breath of fresh air, as the young bucks that he's featuring on this album most likely got the veteran trying to keep up, so he's brought his "A" game to the table, not to be out-shined.

The first half of the album surpasses his last two efforts just on shear emotion alone. The production is tight and everyone seems to be putting their best foot forward with their lyrical game. Who said the South don't have lyricists?

Scarface once again proves that he is the one and only King of the South with Dopeman Music.

1. Picking Up The Pieces
2. Dopeman Music (feat. B. James & Monk Kaza)
3. Lyrical Assault (feat. Malice & Mr. Lo Key)
4. FaSho Money (Skit)
5. Gwap (feat. B. James & Monk Kaza)
6. Get Lost (feat. B. James, Monk Kaza & Rodney Gant)
7. The N Word
8. The Ghetto Report (feat. B. James & Monk Kaza)
9. 2 The Beat (feat. B. James & Monk Kaza)
10. Wanted
11. Hustle Game
12. Riff Raff (Skit)
13. In My Blood (feat. B. James)
14. Bad Man (feat. Papa Reu)

Mack Lessons: 7 Levels of Disrepect From Females

We've been listening to New York Times Best Selling Author Tariq "Elite" Nasheed for almost a year now. We're late in the game when it comes to his ism, but it's better late than never.

Currently, Tariq "Elite" is on tour, and he recently made a visit to the Washington D.C. area earlier this year. It was said to be a great show and he's made plans to make a return trip sometime later this year. Hopefully he does so, so he can share the game with everyone in the DMV area.

Back in 2008, Tariq made a podcast titled 7 Levels of Disrespect From Females. This show came about after a rash of incidents where women were getting out of pocket with their significant other. He details the different levels of disrespect ranging from slick and rude talking back to violence against their significant other. Peep his game and understand that as a man, even as a woman, you should see the signs of disrespect from your other, and nip it in the bud before it turns to violence. He not only speaks in the now, but he also speaks for the future. He's trying to school everyone, man, woman, and child, on the game, and how to be a mack at life.


We at P³ Entertainment will try to book Tariq "Elite" in the near future, so we can uphold our moto of bringing the best in entertainment, and in this case, game, to you.

To learn more about Tariq "Elite" Nasheed, his best selling books, DVDs, pay per view specials, and his current lecture tour, go to MACK LESSONS for more info.

Commentary: BP Oil Spill & Agenda 21 Conspiracy

We're no experts on disasters, ecology, politics, etc, but this bit of “news” scares the crap out of us. This “news” doesn’t come from reputable sources but they damn sure make it sound good. There’s tons of conspiracy theories as to why this oil spill is happening. Recently, there was a YouTube posting stating the oil spill is not oil but volcanic ash and sulfur. Apparently, the drilling company was 20-30 thousand feet down, not 2-5 thousand, as they state, hit the side of an underwater volcano or created a volcano by piercing the bottom of the sea floor. The video says this is evident by the doctoring of the “live” streaming of the oil gushing out which seems to be a video of a video. This is under suspicion because if you look closely, you can see someone entering and leaving the room as a reflection on the monitor; as if someone’s in an editing room. The video is real “informative”, sounds logical, but we don’t know what to believe.

Here is the video, in an attempt to expose the possible conspiracy that is the BP Oil Spill:

There's also a recent article about how within a couple years the Earth could basically be destroyed by this event because of the piercing of the sea floor. Apparently, all of the material that’s spilling out will empty into the ocean, killing everything worldwide, eventually making its way inland, contaminating fresh water sources, and the domino effect begins. This is a possible Extinction Level Event (E.L.E). Eventually, the sea floor will shift, due to the emptying of the well that capped the natural leak, causing a Tsunami, wiping out coastal cities from Texas to Florida that surround the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently, this is a plan that has been in effect for the past 17 years, and that plan is called Agenda 21.

If you don't know what Agenda 21 is, read THIS article and educate yourselves.

HERE is an article supporting the theory that Agenda 21 could be the cause of this catastrophy.

As stated before, we're not sure what to believe. It was always speculated that "The Powers That Be" wanted the coastal cities since Hurricane Katrina. Those people effected by Katrina never got their land back. Instead, the land went to casinos and to the highest bidder. When we deal with disasters such as Katrina and now this oil spill, the reaction to them are so shady, it’s apparent that other interests are the reason why the response is so slow. Someone wants these areas around the Gulf to be uninhabitable, so everyone can leave, and then magically, if possible and true, the disaster will be fixed; only after everyone has left or was killed off. Also, the Tsunami theory is a way to wipe out everyone who decides to stay in those regions. "The Powers That Be" want to make that region as uninhabitable as possible so they can use it for their purposes; control the population living off welfare and social security, and to make money.

Both bits of information sounds logical, one stating that this event is a cover up and is controlled, while the other points to a possible End of Times event. Yet, they both point to the same culprit(s) as to why this has happened and explain the same reason why this has happened and what affect it will have on all those in that region to possibly the entire planet Earth.

Scary sounding stuff, but we’ll wait and see in a couple months if they can actually stop it from polluting the entire ocean. If this was a controlled event, then how come it hasn’t been done before and why the visible “slick” that has reached out to hundreds of miles from the epicenter? If this was a controlled event, then why wait so long to cap it off or control the amount of “gases and tar” spewing from the hole that will destroy the lives of thousands along coastal cities? If they know what might be able to stop the flow, why not have it on deck when it was apparent there was going to be a “slick” hundreds of miles wide and long? These are the types of questions that go against these conspiracy theories, but we will have to wait until August/September to see what happens, won’t we…

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mick Boogie Presents: Big Boi and Rick Ross: southernplayalisticmaybachmusic

Here's the first complimentary mixtape that we're giving you all to enjoy.

This is a mash-up effort titled southernplayalisticmaybachmusic featuring Big Boi of Outkast and Rick Ross, produced by Mick Boogie.

1. Mick Boogie - Southern Playalistic Maybach Music Intro

2. Big Boi [Feat. Rick Ross] - Return Of The G

3. Rick Ross [Feat. Big Boi] - Super High

4. Big Boi [Feat. Rick Ross] - Player's Ball

5. Rick Ross [Feat. Big Boi] - Get Away

6. Big Boi [Feat. Rick Ross] - Ghetto Musick

7. Rick Ross [Feat. Big Boi] - Rich Off Cocaine

8. Big Boi [Feat. Rick Ross] - Shutter Bug

9. Big Boi [Feat. Rick Ross] - Atliens

10. Rick Ross [Feat. Big Boi] - Blow

11. Big Boi [Feat. Rick Ross] - Shine Blockas

12. Rick Ross [Feat. Big Boi] - Magnificent

Music For Your Ears

We at P³ Entertainment would like to announce that we will be informing everyone when we receive new music. We will showcase artists, DJs, and producers, along with the mainstream artists that you're all used to hearing. We're trying to diversify what's being heard out here and show that other forms of music does exist. Forget the same rotation that all of the local radio stations play all day, everyday; we'll bring some new sound to pound on your ear drums, and that sweet sound for the ladies to enjoy as well.

Part of our efforts to bring the best in music, movies, and entertainment is to let everyone know when new mainstream, underground, and mixtape music hits the streets. You can come right here for the latest news on the releases and even get a complimentary download, just because we nice like that.

So return every once in a while for a list of recent releases and to get a complimentary download. If you're looking for a specific album that you can't find anywhere, contact us and we'll try to help you out. There are basically no limits to what we can provide for you.


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