Thursday, January 13, 2011

Commentary: Gucci Mane & The Ice Cream Cone

Apparently, rapper Gucci Mane is crazier than we think he is. And to show how crazy the man is, he's showing it on his face.

Earlier this month, a judge in the Superior Court of Georgia ordered the rapper, whose real name is Radric Davis, temporarily committed to a psychiatric hospital after he was popped for alleged reckless driving; the charges were soon dropped, but Gucci nonetheless faces possible revocation of his probation from a previous crime.

Court documents reveal that Gucci’s lawyers filed a Special Plea of Mental Incompetency on Dec. 27 arguing that he is unable “to go forward and/or intelligently participate in the probation revocation hearing.”

He’s currently awaiting a competency hearing and you should know what they'll rule in this case.

Now out on bail, Gucci — who has been incarcerated at least five times since 2005 — dropped in to the Tenth Street Tattoo shop in Atlanta to get tatted up by artist/owner Shane Willoughby. Gucci walked in with his usual look and left a few hours later….with a “3-Scoop Ice Cream Cone” emblazoned with the word “Brrr” occupying the right side of his face.

All we can say is that with the money he's made in the music industry and probably other ventures, Radric isn't a happy individual. Something deep down is eating away at him to cause him to do this to himself. We've seen this happen time and time again with individuals in the spotlight and it doesn't turn out to be a happy ending.

The signs are all there; now it's up to someone to step in and help the man. In these types of situations where the "star" is the dominant one in the group, they tend to resent help and fight every and anyone who tries to help. Those individuals around him can no longer enable him into destroying his life for the sake of them being fired or expelled from his circle. They need to step up and save this man before they won't have a meal ticket to eat from, because he'll be dead; forget about being fired.

The drug issues, multiple run-ins with the law, and being committed to a mental facility are nothing but a recipe for disaster. We've seen this story before, different actor, same screenplay. And the story most likely ends with someone's death.....see Michael Jackson. Right now, Gucci Mane is on the path to self destruction, and whatever demons are eating away at him, he needs to address them, or face the harsh reality that he'll be dead before 50 years old.

Get it together, Gucci.


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