Thursday, January 31, 2013


'The Prince of the DMV' Yung Jay, hits you with another visual that he has named, "Kung Poo".  Follow Jay as he makes his way from Point A to Point B while spilling a lyrically assault on fraud and wack MCs from the bottom to the top.  No names.....

Continue to support this young lyricist, as he's striving to make a name for himself.

The visual is directed by Goldenfinger.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekly Top 10 Voting Booth (ending 2/8)

Had no idea she liked hip-hop.
This weeks choices of songs from local and various independent artists are 31 deep.  Only the top 10 songs with the highest vote count will make the countdown.

In order to vote, locate the Voting Booth on the right panel of the page and select your favorite song from the list below.  You will be able to click a link by the artist to either see their video or hear their song on a music hosting site, such as Soundcloud or Reverbnation.  Once you've made your decision, select the song, press the VOTE button below the choices, and you've honored your right to vote.

The artists themselves are allowed to vote on their own songs or to make it interesting, vote for someone else.  All artists should let their friends, fans, and followers know to vote for their music by any means necessary to rise up the poll to the #1 spot.

Below is the list of candidates vying for your vote.  Click on the song title to view the video or listen to the song:

* Smoke Greene - Blow Em (featuring Varr)
* Marni - Freewave
* Leak - Remember This
* Cannon - Sound of my Soul
* Leak - May 17th (featuring 4DaFame & Marco)
* Yung Jay - Gotta Make It
* TrixCity - Mirrors
* Premz - All of Me
* Premz - Devil On My Shoulder
* CWild$ - EBT (featuring Starvin')
* Vasko Picasso - Take A Look @ Her
* Moss - Baby Girl
* ELoYouKnow - Oh Shit!
* Guala - Salute Me
* Danielle Lyndsay - Such A Lady
* Chris Life - This I Know (Bounce)
* KeyzBeatz & H.O.E. Gang - Fuck You Mean
* Cocky Streetz - 2Moneyz
* Bad Newz Gang - BANG
* Cheif Merkh - Orbit
* Marni - Let Me Show You How
* ProP - Young Nigga
* Villian Style - Ghetto (featuring JY)
* Nino Khayyam - F*ck Widdah N*cca
* TrixCity - Soul Speaks
* Villian Style - How Da Streets Like It (featuring 3030)
* Bad Newz Gang - Ventilation (Level 4)
* Chris Skillz - Suicide Note (featuring Kyle Owens)
* Puffy Pocket Boys - Us
* NasaBoyz - 3Hunna
* 357 Musik Group presents Hill Taylor - Real Shit

Only the previous weeks Top 10 will get an automatic push as a candidate for the current week.  So if you haven't been in consideration or want to stay a candidate, but haven't made the Top 10, send P³ Entertainment a song for consideration for the next upcoming countdown.

Sorry, no gold chalice for taking the top position.  This is another platform to have your music heard in a countdown format, and to have your fanbase get involved by showing respect for your music.

DEADLINE: 2/8 at 7PM

Monday, January 28, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Yung Jay

"Life Is Too Short To Be Bullshittin'", Dead Presidents (2012)
Hailing from Alexandria, Virginia; 16 year old emcee, Yung Jay (@YungJay_), is determined to make a better life for him and his family by vocalizing the trials and tribulations of growing up in the poverty stricken area of the city through the outlet of music.  He began rapping at the early age of 7 years old, but started to seriously pursue a career as a recording artist at the age of 12.  "Keep Hustling" was his first solo effort which he jokingly states, "he will never let anyone hear again...", inspired him to keep working on his craft and develop his style.  A few years later he followed up with his freshman compilation, This Is Just A Mixtape.  Due to some impressive rhyme scheme's, well thought out concepts, and the breakout track, a remix to MMG 's Meek Mills, "Realest You Ever Seen", Jay quickly started buzzing in the DMV area; however it was his "Dead Presidents" free-verse of the Jay-Z classic that officially catapulted him into the limelight. When the video landed on the popular hip-hop culture blog The Red Tag Society, critics and fans alike agreed the kid had something the industry has been missing for a while.....realism.

Now under new management, a Twitter follow and a supportive co-sign from 'The Based God' Lil' B, the unique ability to captivate the listeners with sensible lyrics that'll make you listen and respect, and a buzz in the region; Yung Jay is bound to have his name heard beyond the DMV borders.  The sky's the limit for this old soul of an adolescent.

Recently, Yung Jay announced that his debut EP entitled: Static Talk is in post-production and scheduled for release in the near future.  The first single released from the EP, Gotta Make It, is a remix of West Coast rap artist, Dom Kennedy's "Gold Alpinas", is a testament of a young man's struggle with so much negativity going on around him and the yearn to make it out alive, whether doing right or wrong, at the same time apologizing to his mother for the wrong decisions he makes along the way.

To assure a successful release of Static Talk, check out, comment, and {LIKE} Yung Jay on Facebook at Yung Jay the Rapper, and do the same with a comment for the single, Gotta Make Iton Soundcloud.  All feedback is much appreciated for a successful release of the Static Talk EP.

Lets support the independent artists, as they are the key to bringing back the diversity to music that is so lacking right now.

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