Saturday, September 15, 2012


PRIDE*PROSPERITY*POWER is what we're all about.  Everyone has the ability to be a legend in their own right if they continue to work hard at the craft and stay focused.  Don't let outside forces influence the direction you wish to take for yourself.  If you know you want to implement your own ideas to further brand yourself, then do them.  There's no benefits at the end if you don't take calculated risks.  Yet, some of those risks don't include listening to what others have to say about your direction.  Speak up if you don't like something, and in the end, you to, will have PRIDE in what you set out to accomplish.  If you stay on the path that you set for yourself, PROSPERITY will soon follow.  Only you can control the destiny of your own career, if you so choose to do so.  If what others tell you what's best for you sounds suspect, then speak up and take the time to think about the benefits of another person's decision for you.  Take the time to research all the possibilities of what's best for you, either by the decision making abilities of a vested interest, or by your own decision.  Take control of your career, and once you have control over every aspect of your being, then you have ultimately obtained POWER.

Each key word is represented by a color.  Each color has a definition which describes each key word.  Look up each key word and the color associated with them, and then you'll understand what P³ Entertainment is all about.  Apply each keyword to your daily routine, and you will come out on top of everything you set out to accomplish.  Know how to use each word to your advantage, because knowing how to use each word allows you to stand on your own two, without much assistance, because you are in control.  Knowledge and strength is key.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Washington Redskins defeat New Orleans Saints, 40-32

Hail to those damn WASHINGTON REDSKINS!!!!! Doin’ it big out there in New Orleans, with a win over the Saints 40-32.

On a day where 5 rookie quarterbacks started on Opening Day, Robert Griffin III was the only one to win his game. There was a lot of skepticism going into Sunday’s game on whether or not the pressure of a big first game against one of the NFL’s top teams would cause Redskin rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin III to buckle. After watching the game, since the opening kickoff, RGIII not only quelled those feelings of skepticism, he looked like a poised veteran.

RGIII threw for 320 yards and 2 touchdowns, all the while, maintaining his composure in this first NFL game. The New Orleans Saints put some pressure on RGIII to start the game, but the offensive line held up from start to finish. That’s a good thing, but it’s one thing that P³ Entertainment have noticed over the last few years; the offensive line holds up for the first 6-7 weeks of the season, then that first injury causes a domino effect that holds as drastic and tragic for the ‘Skins. Their depth on the offensive line has been a problem over the past few years, and when a first string player goes down, they usually have to replace him with a player that would then have to play out of position. Let’s knock on wood and hope that it doesn’t come down to this method of holding up a line, and let’s see RGIII succeed. The line needs to hold up in order for this franchise to get what they bargained for in order to move up the draft to select RGIII with the #2 overall pick in the 2012 draft.

Robert Griffin III’s rookie debut performance ranked second amongst rookies all-time in the categories of passer rating (139.9), behind Frank Tarkenton’s 148.6 in 1961; passing yards, behind Cam Newton’s 422 in 2011; and third in completion percentage behind Rick Mirer’s 74.1 in 1993 and Tarkenton’s 73.9 in 1961. That’s pretty impressive, and was expected by those who have followed him closely and truly believe he is the real deal.

Let’s hope the die hard ‘Skins fans don’t jump the moon over this one victory. Last season the team won in Week 1 over the eventual Super Bowl Champions, New York Giants, in convincing fashion, only to win 4 more games for the rest of the season. You have to remember the look on Mike Shanahan’s face during the post game press conference, as if he had a winner on his hands. He looked so proud, even with a certain sly smirk on his face, as if he had stuck it to the media and naysayers for not giving his team a chance to win……….after one game. Then the tumble began after a couple weeks and the rest is history, failing to improve from a previous dismal year. Let’s hope this trend doesn’t continue, as we’ve heard a few fans on the radio this morning proclaiming Super Bowl after 1 game. We know it’s pride and happiness after the team wins a hyped game that makes people say crazy things, but going to the Super Bowl after winning 1 game is………….crazy. Let’s just bathe in the success of a Week 1 victory, celebrate with each passing victory, and when we make the playoffs, and get into position to touch a Super Bowl, then say those crazy things; because then, those crazy things that one may say, may become an actual reality.

P³ Entertainment is proud of Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins after all the moves they’ve made to put themselves in a winning position. But the moves aren’t enough, it’s the play on the field. With each passing week, playing with PRIDE will lead to PROSPERITY on the football field; and with PROSPERITY comes the POWER. Obtaining POWER is the ultimate goal in whatever ventures you partake, whether it be your 9 to 5, or playing football for our beloved Washington Redskins; earning that POWER through PRIDE and PROSPERITY is the ultimate goal to success. RGIII has shown he plays with PRIDE, which led to PROSPERITY, and if he continues on, he can be a very POWERful man in the DMV.

If you follow the P³ Entertainment steps to success, you to, can be the person you dream of being. 



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