Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Commentary: Gilbert Arenas - The Everyday Idiot

Many say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, this picture is worth Gilbert Arenas losing $147,200 per game and being suspended indefinitely without pay by the NBA.

Gilbert Arenas of our 'beloved' Washington Wizards was suspended indefinitely for his role in an incident with teammate, Javaris Crittenton, involving gunplay. At first, Gilbert claimed he brought the guns to the Verizon Center to keep them out of reach of his young children and he wanted arena personell to put them in a safe place for him. To us, that makes no sense, because anyone with a few dollars can go to Dick's Sporting Goods, Office Depot, Staples, someplace like that and buy a safe. He could have gone the easy route and just did that, but nope, he's trying to hide behind his child as his excuse for bringing the guns to the arena. Days later, the truth is starting to come out as to why he had the guns in his locker. Now he states he wanted to play a joke on a teammate. WTF! What is dude thinking? Who plays a joke with anyone with a guy, loaded or unloaded? Gilbert isn't in his right frame of mind. No one carries guns around and then pulls them out on someone as a joke. But to make the story even sweeter, it's being said that Crittenton did the same thing in retaliation. So not only do we have the 'star' of the basketball team walking around with guns like John Dillinger, but other dudes on the team are doing the same thing. SMH!! Come on millionaires, think.........think.

So more to this story unfolds over the next couple days where it would seem that Arenas and Crittenton had a beef over a high stakes card game that took place on the team plane. Gilbert lost and he had to pay up, but he allegedly didn't. We would now assume Crittenton, who makes around $15,000 per game, wants his money. Now lets do the math, Gilbert makes $147,200 per game, Crittenton makes around $15,000; with a difference of $132,200; "Gilbert, I want my money, and I want it now".

Gilbert is known for doing lots of charity work, working with inner city children, donating money, etc, so he says he has no reason not to pay up if he lost the game; but apparently so. Now none of us will know what was said to cause Gilbert to pull his toast on Crittenton, if that's what happened, but the story just keeps getting better. Apparently, Crittenton was seen walking around the locker room with his pistol, with one in the chamber, whistling. That shows that he's waiting for his opponent to show at the O.K. Coral. So no one knows what happens next, or at least no one will speak of it. We hear that there may be some video of the locker room incident and that the Wizards organization is eagerly willing to turn it over to authorities. I guess they trying to get his contract voided, so they can save money on the cap and get in the running for one of those big free agents this summer..........just a thought.

Many are wondering what's going to happen to Crittenton, and that he's such a small figure, that he could be cut without anyone even knowing or caring. But the mystery is, the authorities want to know if Crittenton really had a gun, because there has been no news on whether or not he even had one and the story of him patiently waiting to have a shootout are true. It's up in the air as to what's going to happen to him, but we don't think anyone really cares. But if the supposed video shows otherwise, he's going to have just as much heat as Gilbert has.

Now lets talk about the picture....Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert. What are you thinking, you idiot? You're already in trouble for bringing the guns to the arena. The organziation is pissed that you did so, and the authorities are trying to figure out what to do with you. If you just stop playing for one second, all could have been forgotten about; just like Delonte West. But nope, you had to show a sprinkle of retardation and jump around in the pregame huddle in Philadelphia, pretending to shoot at teammates. Not taking what's going on seriously, the picture shows that the teammates are having a grand ole time with Gilbert "The Town Jester", and now their asses are in trouble. And to top it all off, Gilbert says he feels that the heat on his isn't warranted because he feels that he did nothing wrong. He says that if he did something wrong, he'd apologize, but since he doesn't think he did anything wrong, there will be no apologies. SMH!! Dude, you're done, plain and simple. That's like slapping the Laws of the Land and the NBA in the face. Now you've tried their hand and made them act on you. What happened, took place two weeks prior and the league didn't do anything. They told the Wizards not to do anything and let the law handle it, because the law usually lets celebrities skate on something as "small" as this. Now you've spit in the wind and it's going to hit you dead in your face, and it's cold and windy outside playa.

Now Daniel Stern has finally spoken, Gilbert, you're "unfit to take an NBA court", go home, and we're not paying you. So wait for the law to come knocking on your door and haul your dumb ass to jail. Gilbert has shown several instances where he's just real stupid in the past, and many have written it off as quirkiness. All the jibber jabber in his blogs, talking crazy during interviews, etc was a sign. Now that quirkiness has manifested into something else in which he's now broken the law and most likely will be made an example of. We hate to see that type of stuff happen to anyone, but when you're being a dumb ass and you're rich at that; that's a bad mixture. The microscope is on him at all times because of the money he makes, so he has to be extra careful with what he does and says. I guess he didn't care, but what he doesn't care about, the law does, and for his stupidity, he's going to have to go through the system. Even if he walks out of this with probation, his ass should now learn to keep his mouth shut and do what he WAS paid to do, and that's play hoops.

Let this be a lesson to everyone that toting guns around for the hell of it isn't proving nothing. We recommend that if you got a problem with someone, be a man about it, and talk it out. No sense in someone getting in deep trouble for either killing another or getting caught doing something stupid; like carrying around guns. Gilbert's life was not in any danger, so there was no need to bring them to the arena. On top of that, he lied on his daughter as the reason why he did it; that's fucked up. And that means he's lied to authorities, which is also a negative. Boy, he's stacking them up; at least 4 possible felonies, lying to the police, gambling, I'm pretty sure they'll blame him for the possibility of the team being dismantled. Who knows, and we'll continue to monitor the situation. Plea bargain anyone?

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday Gil. One word of advice to you, save your money.


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