Saturday, September 19, 2009

DVD Review: Next Day Air

The previews don't give this movie any justice. When you see the previews, you think that's going to be some corny comedy movie starring Mike Epps, Wood Harris, Donald Faison and a couple others in the supporting cast. Well, this movie will take you by surprise on how determined everyone was on making "the exchange" after a package is delivered to the wrong apartment. The movie has its funny moments, but the drama of making that exchange is what makes it different. We can't say whether the movie is supposed to be a comedy mixed with action, or simply a dark comedy, action/crime movie. We're leaning more towards dark comedy, action/crime movie due to the subject matter and violence.

The movie starts off with Donald Faison's character delivering a package to the wrong apartment because he's always high on the job. The package is then opened and low and behold, it's 10 bricks of yayo. Mike Epps and Wood Harris' characters decide to sell the contents of the package to an associate who has the money to take it off their hands easily. When it's realized that the package was delivered but to the wrong location, the people who was expecting the package goes looking for it. Then the sender of the package involves himself in the search by making a special trip from California to Philadelphia and dishing out his brand of pain because he's looking for his product.

Once everyone with their agendas on their mind meet in the same place, the air gets real thick and the drama picks up, 10 fold. Now relunctant businessmen are now forced allies and when it's all said and done, a simple mistake of delivering a package to the wrong door leads to sheer confusion and a massive shootout ensues.

There are lessons to be learned during this movie. The lesson of you can't always trust those close to you. You've heard the saying, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". With so much on the line, drugs and money, friendships are re-evaluated on mere misspoken words, and the thought of bringing harm to your own family members are put to the test. Just because someone has status or something material, makes them a target. Do you have the will to put that all to the side and protect your family, or will you go all out, and take them out for your own personal gain? Loyalty to family or loyalty to money is the question. That's a little something within the movie you might want to look out for.

There's a quotable during the movie and repeated towards the end that should be remembered, "Always remember what you're doing it for. If it ain't worth dying for, you don't want to be in it."

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