Tuesday, July 10, 2012

P³ Entertainment has joined Facebook

P³ Entertainment has finally joined Facebook as a Business page. 

A Facebook Business page is different from that of a normal User page.  There is no Search function or the ability to LIKE other pages.  It's simply an online advertisement that people will have to know about through the owner advertising the page or simply stumble upon.

With the P³ Entertainment Facebook page, you will be updated on recent events going on with P³ Entertainment, as well as links to additional pages where interested customers can buy merchandise such as movies, music, jewelry and watches.

Check out the P³ Entertainment main Facebook page HERE

The P³ Entertainment Jewelry and Watch Store can be found HERE.

The P³ Entertainment  Movie and Music Store can be found HERE.

Remember to LIKE the pages when you visit them by pressing the LIKE button, and if you're interested, take a look around the stores.

We're working on deals to increase our inventory, so keep track of the stores and we'll get more merchandise in very soon.


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