Sunday, September 13, 2009

DVD Review: Charm City

This movie went under the radar, no lie. It's that realism that sets this movie apart from other idenpendent films that come out. Charm City is the nickname of Baltimore, Maryland, if you didn't know, and this film captures some of the struggles that a trio of dudes deal with trying to make it in the city. One dude owns a night club and has to deal with a zoning issue that may have the club closed down. Another dude is simply a tender loving mofo who's about his girls and money, and the last dude is fresh out the joint, wanting to make something of himself and live a straight life.

All three dudes know each other from their childhood days and are well connected to each other. Their private lives are their private lives, so business doesn't mix with pleasure. But when word gets out that a local drug dealer is cakin' like that and one of his henchmen goes around bragging about it, our three dudes take it upon himself to rob the henchmen. When the drug dealer tries to enter the club that one of the dudes own for a night out on the town, he's kicked out and a war on words is played out, which leads to a war in the streets. Not only did the drug dealer have no idea that the three dudes robbed his man for his stash, but the falling out at the club indirectly puts them on his hit list, so regardless, he's going to get them one by one.

On some side business, one of the dudes is interested in his best friends (not associated with the other two) girl. She shows interest in him first because her ex-boyfriend is a cheat and he's torn on whether to step on his man's toes or just let everything play out. When his man finds out that he's messing with her, he steps to him and they rumble. When the fight is over, they realize they been friends too long to let a female come between them and he gets his boy's blessing to mess with her. Then he has news for him that will shock anyone down to their foundation.

You may recognize some of the characters from The Wire, since the movie is based in Baltimore, they try to keep everything "Baltimore", if you know what we're saying. This movie is not too far out there when it comes to the story and it does feel like you know these dudes, or know people in these similar situations. It's almost like a real reality show, edited into a movie.

Check out Charm City, if you haven't already. It's a little drawn out and long, but the story is good and easy to follow. Let us know if you'd like to review Charm City by contacting us at

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