Tuesday, March 15, 2011

G-Funk and Hip-Hop legend Nate Dogg passes away

Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, known to many as Nate Dogg passed away overnight due to complications from multiple strokes.

Nate Dogg had been ill for over three years after suffering a stroke in December 2007 and another in September 2008.  The second stroke caused paralysis on the left side of his body and he was unable to speak.

He had begun physical therapy to regain some normalcy in his life, though his singing career may have been over.  Warren G, reached out to the hip-hop community and it's fans for donations to help pay for the medical bills that were piling up.

News broke about the death of Nate Dogg via tweets from Daz Dillinger and Snoop Dogg.  The national press picked up the story within minutes and it was later confirmed that Nate Dogg had indeed passed away.

Various artists and artists that Nate Dogg had collaborated with has since issues their condolences to Nate Dogg's family.  Rapper, The Game, has since created a song entitled "All Dogs Go To Heaven" (R.I.P. Nate Dogg) sampling Nate Dogg from various hits songs such as "Area Codes" and "The Next Episode".

Below is

R.I.P. Nate Dogg.  There won't be another hookman in the industry like you.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Commentary: Bullying, what are the benefits? There are none.

As many of you know, the month of March is a continuance of the Anti-Bullying campaign across America and the world.  Bullying has been going on for ages, from small scale instances such as babies bickering over toys in a playpen to a much grander scale of one country invading another country because the other believes they are weak and won't resist assault.  Bullying hurts everyone involved, whether the guilty party knows it or now.

The reason for bullying has many different manifestations.  Sometimes, the bully is created in his own home because of an abusive family member.  A family member can be tormenting a smaller child and that child has to project his rage and angry onto someone else.  Usually, it's the odd kid at school who the bully tends to pick on, and usually what is being done and said to them at home, they are doing it to the kid at school.  Or a bully can be created by a pack of individuals who see their power in numbers and want to show their "power" by intimidating another individual every time they see them.

Most cases of bullying go unreported or unresolved until someone gets mentally or physically hurt.  There are cases were the person being bullied has had enough and snaps.  When the person snaps, it's not a good thing for either party involved, because usually, someone ends up severely injured or worse, dead.   The person being bullied won't report that they're being bullied because there has to be some sort of evidence of them being threatened or harmed.  Schools have their hands tied in the situation, even though they most likely know someone is being bullied.  Just like stalking, nothing can be done until someone gets hurt.  And even then, there must be an investigation as to why it happened.

So in these cases, when the school system and the authorities can't and won't do anything to stop the threats and the assaults, what is going to happen?  The individual takes matters into his/her own hands and solves the problem themselves.  And when they solve the problem themselves, it's usually a messy resolution.  Then that's when the schools and the authorities jump in, but instead of imposing their "power" upon the bully, they look down on the abused aggressor.  And the reason why they look down on the abused aggressor is because of the carnage they caused when defending themselves.  Yes, defending themselves when no one else would defend them when they asked for the help.  The pain and frustration of being bullied and coupled with being a social outcast boils over and the bully is destroyed.  It's not the kids fault for defending himself when no one else would.  But as stated earlier, no one was going to step in until there was a tragedy.

In this most famous case; a kid is being bullied by what appears to be a group of other boys.  They've cornered the kid against a wall and are video taping the bullying.  Now watch the video to see what happens next........

Of course it would be the littlest one in the pack that would be the one to prove himself to the others. But that doesn't excuse why he was picking on another kid, who apparently has no other friends that can stand up for him or defend him. So the pack picks on him and what happens, he then becomes the aggressor and he destroys his enemy in self defense. He didn't fight the kid, nor did he attack the other kid who stepped to him; he got one off and stood his ground. The other bullies stood back, knowing after what they just saw, they didn't want any part of it. The kid was free to walk away, and most likely will never be bothered again.

I'm pretty sure the kid told his parents and the school what was going on, but what can they do? Someone could have spoken to each child involved and shook their finger at them and told them to never mess with him again. But what good is that, when they could simply ignore the demand of peace and continue to enjoy themselves at this kid's expense. Only now, after seeing one of their own get body slammed, will they understand that it doesn't always pay to be a bully.

Let this be a lesson to all those "bullies" out there that believe they always have the upper hand because they run in numbers or that they have someone who they believe are mentally and physically inferior up against a wall; you to can be touched. And touched in a way you've probably been touched before. And it will hurt, hurt much worse than any pain you inflicted upon someone else. Remember that, and watch the video again........it could be you next, getting dropped on your head because you thought you were such a tough guy.

Take heed to this message below, and associate it with what this commentary is all about: "My mother told me them toes that you step on today might be connected to that ass you kiss later in life."


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