Chief Merkh (@Merkhaveli) is a 17 year-old visionary of Afghan descent, from Alexandria, Virginia. He began writing and recording at 13, originally inspired only by underground and old-school hip-hop. Over the years he has crafted his art and persona, creating a new culture and allowing it to seep into his music. He is also skilled at production and graphic design. His mission is to maintain hip-hop as an art form and simply rap about life, in whatever form that takes. He released 5 mixtapes and 2 albums last year, completely independent. He enjoys fine women, fine dining, and cannabis sativa.

* Location: Alexandria, Virginia
* Music:     Band Camp - Chief Merkh                  
* Albums:  S#!T | For The Love
* EPs/Mixtapes:  OutCla$$'d | Crush Capers
* Videos: N/A  
* Blog: N/A
* YouTube Channel:     MerkhVision on YouTube
* Twitter:     @Merkhaveli
* Facebook: N/A
* Web: N/A
* E-mail:     Chief Merkh


Jhaos (@jhaoskhaos) is a rapper, songwriter, and producer from Forestville, Maryland (Prince George's County). He can mix and master with perfection in the studio when needed. He started rhyming in '88 when he became more aware of his surroundings, and has been flowing ever since. He's done a lot of traveling in the US, as well as around the United Kingdom, meeting and networking with people focused on this next level of grind. He is always focused on new ways to transform and master his art to take it to the next level.

* Location: Forestville, Maryland (Prince George's County)
* Music:     Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes: Indie Hustle vol. 45 | Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes: Street Bangers 2 | Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes: Streetz On Lock Philly Swagg | Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes: Time 2 Shine by DJ Ferno Boudreaux | Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes: Heat In The City 42 | Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes: DJ Redrum - I Rep From Coast 2 Coast | Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes: Faceglazen vol. 13-17 Dade County Riders | Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes: I Be On My Grizzly Vol. 2 ($auced Up Edition) Hosted By Jo Sauce                  
* Available Albums: N/A
* Videos: N/A  
* Blog:     YO! Promotions - Fluid release article | Coast 2 Coast Issue 26 | Hardcore Jamz - Fluid release article
* Tapes:     Jhaos on Reverbnation
* YouTube Channel: N/A
* Twitter:     @Jhaoskhaos
* Facebook:     Jhaos Facebook
* Web:     Fluid Movement


Ronald Austin Samuels, otherwise known as Ron Dash (@samuelsrepublic) is a American alternative rap/pop/dace recording artist, and photographer.  Ron Dash's music is new, fresh, different, old, rap, pop, indie, dance, and boom. Every track has a supermodel hanging from its arm while boarding private helicopters transporting the party from rooftop to rooftop. Ron Dash’s tunes inspire celebration, good energy jams you can put on at any time of the day and get lost in. His melodies embody good company, great experiences, strong personalities and stronger drinks.  The songs are super stylized and evoke a sense of cool and fun, but still leave the listener wanting more.

When Ron isn’t in the studio mixing jams, he is photographing awesome people and things. He first started recording with Danny Newport and Kapano at 5th Quarter Productions in 2011. He was featured on the Booster Club mixtape with such songs as "Dash With Me", "Famous", and "Ole Voila".  He also made an appearance on tune Cardigan with Danny Newport and DRE.

He is currently working with several producers in the Philadelphia Area, and on an EP named Disco Eclipse.  The sound is very different from the typical sound coming out the city.  There is a very heavy dance theme with sounds from the 80s and 90s, but with clever and catchy lyrics that will have you singing around and humping anything around you for hours.  Influences stem from growing up listening to all Gangster Rap, all the time, and a couple oldie tracks; but mainly rap music such as Jay-Z, Cam'ron,  Three 6 Mafia, Young Jeezy, and Dipset.

* Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by way of Baltimore, Maryland
* Music:     SoundCloud - Ron Dash                  
* Albums:  N/A
* EPs/Mixtapes:  N/A
* Videos: Dash With Me | Gold
* Blog Features: Sound Krazy Entertainment | Triple HQ | Vlad TV
* YouTube Channel:    N/A
* Twitter:     @samuelsrepublic 
* Facebook: Ronald Samuels 
* Web: Samuels Republic 
* E-mail:     Ronald Samuels


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