There are many unmistakable characteristics that define P³ Entertainment – top notch, near perfect quality, crystal clear visuals and sound, a magnificent, inspirational reading, movie and music experience.  The combination of these characteristics are what makes our brand so unique.

P³ Entertainment was established in 1994 by Founder and CEO, Mally G.  He set out to achieve his goals in life as quietly as possible, without having to bring attention to himself.  He prided himself on learning business, finance, economics, history, and self-knowledge.  Combining these learned attributes, helped in eventually creating the idea and building P³ Entertainment.

The word around town has made P³ Entertainment much more than a brand - it has come to stand for a standard of living: with pride, prosperity, power, and every word in the English language that personifies self preservation.  Everyday challenges in life have always been a way for us to test, strengthen and improve self control when the temptation of negativity arises.

The commitment and determination that we bring in every posted inspirational article, and with the movies, music, and entertainment our readers and customers take home is a breath of fresh air and a step above from similar entities.  Watching a movie and listening to music is a part of everyday life; and allowing P³ Entertainment to enter a customers life by providing such forms of entertainment is what we enjoy doing.  Though, we enjoy providing such services to those in the know, it is our movement to improve the self control, knowledge, and logical thinking of our readers of our social commentaries and listeners of our radio show.  We aim to improve the every day living of our readers and listeners.

The P³ Entertainment Radio Show is heard in 22 countries worldwide, and constantly growing (as of 02-Feb-13).  The radio show provides an outlet for independent artists in varying genres of music to get air time where the artists may not have the opportunity to have their music played on mainstream radio.  The radio show showcases talent in the rap, hip-hop, R&B, and Go-Go, genres without discrimination.  We have created a unique show for everyone to use as a launchpad for their career and additional visibility outside of normal means.  We do it for the love of music, and the chance to see someone succeed with their love in making music.

More than any other trait, PRIDE is the defining characteristic of our brand. When you read a social commentary by P³ Entertainment, it enlightens the soul, bringing clarity to a uncertain situation.  We promote self-confidence and PROSPERITY in our every day living, and through hip-hop music and smart and powerful reading material for our customers, it would be an understatement to say that one of these avenues didn't reach someone positively so they to, can achieve POWER of one self.

Through music, sports, and entertainment, P³ Entertainment will break down what surrounds us in the world and apply the 3 P's which make up P³ Entertainment, to get a clearer understanding of what is around us and understand the forces that drive that in which we enjoy.  Those 3 P's are, PRIDE, PROSPERITY, and POWER and each has its own significant purpose in each of our lives, the same as music, sports, and entertainment.  First, everyone must have PRIDE in everything that they do.  Setting goals for one self and setting out to accomplish those goals with a determined demeanor, yet, enjoying the task at hand shows that you have PRIDE in what you want to do.  Second, if you have PRIDE in your current efforts and future, then there is a greater chance you will see PROSPERITY down the line.  If one sticks to their plan without taking steps backwards and utilizing whatever knowledge they have acquired through education and life experiences, they will achieve some sort of PROSPERITY for the efforts and time put into striving to reach the goal.  Lastly, once one displays PRIDE in achieving their goals, and have experienced PROSPERITY for their time and effort, they now have control of their goals and lives and they now have POWER.  Achieving POWER is the ultimate goal everyone hopes to obtain in whatever vice they choose to take part in.  P³ Entertainment will help everyone obtain PRIDE, PROSPERITY, and POWER with our social commentary and articles.

We love hip-hop, sports, and entertainment, and we will breakdown these genres and express what positive and negative we can get out of each event and apply them to the 3 P's.  This is what PRIDE, PROSPERITY, and POWER (P³ Entertainment) is all about, and we hope you come for the ride.

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