Thursday, October 13, 2011

P³ Entertainment joins Spreaker Internet Radio

P³ Entertainment is proud to announce that we have joined Spreaker Internet Radio.

By joining Spreaker, we now have an platform to express our views on certain subjects, whether it be about Hollywood, music, and politics.  We won't kill your ears with a bunch of talk, but we will play the hottest music that you don't hear on the radio by your favorite artists, and even those not so famous.

Since P³ Entertainment is localized in the District, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) region, we will strive to play local artists to help them with their exposure.  Even the music of the homebase, that good Go-Go, will be played during various broadcasts to show love, and to get the regional sound out there for the rest of the country and world to hear.

If you're tired of the same ole' different radio stations playing the same ole' songs throughout the day, everyday, for months on end; then check out the P³ Entertainment Radio Show to get your fix of the hottest hip-hop, rap, R&B, and Go-Go music in the land without the repeat.

Looking for a platform to boost your exposure?  If you're a rapper, hip-hop artist, R&B singer, Go-Go band, poet, or someone who speaks spoken word, and looking for a place to share your talents, then send P³ Entertainment an e-mail with a file or link to the material you wish to get played on the air of an upcoming episode of the P³ Entertainment Radio show.  We look forward to helping promote all local musicians and artists, and with the help of everyone, we can achieve regional status in the music world.

Remember to check out the P³ Entertainment Radio Show and to be alerted when a new show airs and to follow the show, click the FOLLOW button on the P³ Entertainment Radio Show main page.


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