Sunday, August 30, 2009

DVD Review: V (The Mini Series)

First of all, most of you kats are probably too young to remember this television show unless you are in your late 20s, early 30s, or older to remember it. This show came on NBC and it's considered as a groundbreaking sci-fi show for its special effects during its time. The show came out in 1983, so most of you are not going to know what I'm talking about and why I'm even talking about it.

I just got this DVD in because Hollywood is about to do a movie remake out of it to make that almighty dollar from something of the 80s once again and I want to get my hands on it before it'll be a hard find. Apparently, Hollywood has run out of ideas and now is reaching back to the Golden Era of movies and entertainment to recycle their dollar. I ain't mad at them for doing it, plus it'll introduce some good stuff that the last couple generations missed out on.

The story starts with alien ships coming to Earth in search of resources, since they used up all their resources on their home world (sounds like us in the next 50 years or so). So the aliens seems nice and they want to exchange technology and other pleasantries with humans to show they are peaceful. Well, we all know that's B.S. because the aliens real plan is to kill or enslave all humans, take Earth's resources and get rats. Yep, the aliens favorite dish is that almighty rat. They not hungry for any iHop, Yums, Levi's, or Popeye's chicken, they want that rat and sometimes...........humans. And the worst thing is that they may look human on the outside, but once they tear away that rubber skin, we get a green goblin lookin' lizard up under there. And to make matters worse, some of the aliens develop feelings (emotional and sexual) towards humans, and even a cross breed alien/human baby is born during the series. You have to check it out.

Call me a geek for knowing what I know about all this stuff, but I'm here to keep you entertained. We all know how fun the 80s was, and I remember how entertaining V was to me, so take your mind on a trip down memory lane and check out V (The Mini Series).

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