Monday, September 21, 2009

DVD Review: Mike Epps - Funny Bidness

In the light of Chappelle’s Show, funnyman Mike Epps brings his own brand of sketch comedy to DVD with the hilarious Funny Bidness. With a mixture of stand-up comedy, straight from the streets interaction with everyday people, and sketch comedy, this DVD is a must have for your collection.

Mike Epps is one funny dude. He starts off with some stand up, talking about everything as common as standing on the stage and having thoughts of looking like a pimp, to seeing a white girl leave early and he noticing she has no ass. It’s the usual Mike Epps, cracking jokes and acting silly. The skits are the highlight of the DVD. He starts the skits off by having a parody of the late night reality show “Cheaters”, where Mike plays a guy cheating on his girlfriend with someone from her family. He’s out in the open about his cheating and the explanation why he’s cheating will have you rolling on the floor.

Some of his stand up, you may have seen from previous stand up shows and DVD releases, but that’s normal for comedians to recycle jokes for about a year, but the new stuff is must see. He talks about strip clubs, having more friends while on drugs than when having money, relationships with God once you get money and how God will test your faith by threatening to take your money, and how expensive church has gotten.

Other skits include a parody of “Unsolved Mysteries”, where a parolee winning a $2 million dollar lottery and celebrating the win in the halfway house he’s staying in then comes up missing, and he didn’t go on vacation; a day in the life of Michelle and Barack Obama in the White House; and a skit where a lonely woman summons the mythical “The Cuddler” to lay down and cuddle with her. There are other skits on the DVD that are just as funny like the parody of the Dr. Phil Show, and a mid 80s early 90s singing and dancing sensation who went from riches to rags due to an embarrassing problem, he had to ‘fly the coup’. We’re not going to tell everything that he does in the 90 minutes of hilarious antics, but it’s a good DVD to pick up and pop in and have a good time with your lady/man or while you’re having a get together.

Check out the DVD. It’s available from P³ Entertainment for review.


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