Sunday, December 20, 2009

DVD Review: On Location with Redd Foxx

Enough said, just look at who it is. How many of you can say that you've heard, better yet, seen a Redd Foxx stand up show? We know a lot of you kats never have, but here's your chance to hear and see a pioneer at his best.

This is one of the rarest shows that's available featuring Redd doing stand up. Some of you may have heard a few snippets of this show in a rap song or comedy documentary because this feature is probably his most popular. But the fact that it's available for you to review is what makes it special.

The show starts with Redd coming out and welcoming his all white audience. He makes light, no pun intended, that his audience is all white, so he'll make it real simple for everyone to understand his type of comedy. From the gate, Redd starts blazing cigarettes and putting down drinks. He's not finished with his first full joke before he's already burned up at least 3 jacks. He burns through an entire pack, a fresh pack of jacks, the entire 1 hour plus he's on stage. Now we see why his voice was so gravely.

Redd's jokes were quick and on point. He has some good one liners in there that may go over your head but if you run it back, you may get what he was saying. The entire show is not like that, he does tell stories throughout the show that are simply hilarious. The one story that stuck out is the story of the woman who paid a visit to her doctor with a hormone issue, and we'll leave it at that. You'll have to review the DVD for yourself to hear the rest.

As we stated, we enjoyed this old comedy from Redd Foxx and we wish for everyone to contact us for a chance to review it. It's some good classic stuff on there; the type of stuff your parents used to put you to bed early so they can listen to it theirselves. Now it's your turn to check out what made your folks laugh out loud in the middle of the night.


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