Thursday, January 6, 2011

Commentary: An Old Fashion Ass Whuppin'

Remember the good ole days when our parents and even neighbors cared for what we did in school and even in the streets? Doesn't it seem like those caring patriarchs no longer exists are just hidden? We don't hear too many stories of caring parents who act out of love towards their children by whuppin' their asses when they get out of line. We're sure it still happens, but not as often as it should and used to.

Recently, a concerned uncle displayed his love and concern for his nephew by creating a video of himself displaying such love and concern. The uncle apparently read some comments by the nephew on Facebook in reference to some sort of gang activity. The uncle didn't stand for what the nephew wrote on the social networking site, confronted the nephew about what he wrote, and the next is what ALL concerned parents should do with children who get out of line....

We're surprised he didn't throw any punches to really show him how much he loves him. What that uncle did was not embarrassing, nor was it out of line; that was love. Having that kid acknowledge what he was doing was wrong, reminding him of his current home environment, and denouncing the gangster act was what he needed. Making him think about what he did and said is the psychological aspect of the punishment, the belt was the physical. We only wish he backed him into a corner and gave him a 3-piece to the chest.

Though there is small pockets of discussions on whether or the not the uncle went overboard, deep down, those initiating the discussions know he was in the right. He turned his nephew from engaging in activity that is not becoming of him. Speaking on the level that he was allegedly speaking of would make those who really live that life believe what they were reading was real coming from him. The uncle made him call out the rap music he listened to and made him denounce it as fake. He made him say what he wrote on Facebook was all fake, and that he comes from a good family. There's nothing overboard about that. He made that boy know that he has family that loves him and that all that acting over the internet can get him in trouble, in which it did, just by someone with a gentler hand. Imagine if some "thug" or misguided individual read whatever it was the boy wrote and approached him, taking him up on his "tough" words; what would the boy have done? He was lucky his uncle "saved" him from the streets reaching up and touching him. When the streets touch you, there's nothing gentle about it, and the streets don't care. The boy should be thanking his uncle for stirring him in the right direction and preventing him from a real ass whuppin' or even worse.

Let this be a lesson to all those so-called thugs and gangstas out there talking tough on the internet, hiding behind a computer screen, tough typing. You all may laugh at the boy for getting whupped in front of the world, claiming that it'll never happen to you, but his life is saved from a possible much worse fate. Remember, you have to come from behind that keyboard sometime and when you do, you'll never know who read what you wrote and what they'll do to you.

Playing G isn't going to make you a man; learning about yourself and your history, putting your head in books and gaining knowledge is the way to become a respectable individual. You'll feel better about yourself and your surroundings when you live straight. Playing G and living foul causes stress and other internal issues that shortens your life. No one wants to live guarded all the time; though it may sound cool in a song, but you have to remember, it's a song, fake, a story. It's better to live your life in reality and not by the words of a rap artist who has a college degree and has mastered the art of playing gangsta.

Live your life clean and honest, you'll sleep better.

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