Friday, January 7, 2011

Commentary: Gold Diggers II

Gold diggers are wretched individuals who will sell their own souls to live the life of luxury and to suck and individual dry, just so they can have what they want. As mentioned in the earlier commentary, there are a variety of gold diggers, and now lets discuss one of the weakest, most disgusting of all gold diggers..........the leeches that just won't let go.

The leech-gold digger is the one that refuses to let go of a relationship when it is over in fear of losing their meal ticket. Once the individual who brings home the bacon has left the stable, the gold digger is left with nothing. The reason being that the leech is left dazed and confused is because once the wealthy has left, they are left with nothing because they have no sort of ties to that person's money. The gold digger does not have any children with the wealthy individual nor do they have a claim in any money the person made during their relationship because that person didn't make any money while together. For instance, the individual you see in the photo is married to a retired basketball player. The basketball player was retired when they got married, so she has no stake in any of his previous contract monies. All she's entitled to is alimony and when that dries up, then what?

In this gold diggers case, she's suspecting that her husband is cheating on her and she's most likely correct in her assumption, but she hasn't provided any proof of her claim. And not providing any proof makes it hard for her to justify her claim and get more out of a split or divorce. Who knows if she's really even digging for evidence against him because she seems pretty comfortable in her surroundings, even though she complains about him not being around for days at a time and not communicating with one another. He seems all for letting the marriage dissolve so he can move on with himself, allowing her to do all the talking and making the next move, in which she doesn't have one. The reason why she doesn't have another move up her sleeve is because she doesn't want to lose what she currently has. She's willing to tolerate his alleged behavior so she can sleep well in multiple homes, buy expensive jewelry, and have access to a deep bank account. If she leaves all that behind, she'll have, at the most, one home, a car or two, and limit funds that can be spent up in a matter of time. There's no children, so she can't live off the excess of child support, so she's at a loss. So with her back against the wall, she's willing to "suffer" in the relationship and hold onto an alleged cheating husband who doesn't want her and she claims she doesn't love or want him all for the love of luxury and money.

This leech is willing to sacrifice personal happiness in the pursuit of maintaining riches. Who knows if the tears are real when she cries about her situation. But even a blind man with cataracts can see that she's holding onto a dead relationship so she can maintain her grip on what she can lose if she signs "those papers". Without that meal ticket or unlimited funds, what is the gold digger to do with herself? Her lifestyle will definitely change and she most likely won't be in those social circles of like individuals who are still drawing blood from rich simps and tricks, unless she quickly attaches herself to another one.

Similar to the housewife who was once married and became the mistress of a wealthy man, the alimony is the only thing that'll hold her up. Her ability to engage in a real relationship will be stunted because in the back of that gold diggers' mind, if they re-marry, that alimony, that free money, is gone; it'll be one less check they have coming in. So why re-marry, when she can maintain the alimony check and sleep with multiple men for additional money? Thus, the leech turns into a proud hooker....... And maybe if she's lucky, she can hook into another unsuspecting punk and drain him for what he has as well by getting pregnant or tricking him into marrying.

In this day and age, real relationships are hard to come by and for any person to know whether or not the other is in it for love or ulterior motives. That's why we preach to watch out for yourselves and for those closest to you. Only your true family and friends won't burn you for what you have, no matter how wealthy you may be. They value you for you and not what you have. Only those who are from the outside, digging up your history, are the ones who are out to see what you can offer them. They are the snakes, and the fakes in society who have no conscience in hurting you to get what they want. You have to beware of those individuals and remember, stay gold digger free, and make yourself aware. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. And believe, the gold digger is your enemy, because what she wants you do to is be a trick and a simp, a punk. P³ doesn't want to see that. Because if it dresses like a hooker, and acts like a hooker, you better bet on black that it is a hooker. Real talk.

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