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Commentary: Gold Diggers

Allow us to revisit a subject that we touched base on back on September 18, 2009. Back then, the subject of the commentary was called Secrets of a Housewife, and it touched base on a specific individual that appears on the very popular Bravo television series, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. We touched base on how this individual is a upscale hooker and is only motivated by money without having to do much of anything. You may want to call it hating the game that she plays, but it’s not about the game that she plays, it’s about how she’s playing the game. Portraying yourself as a victim when someone calls you out on your ways isn’t cool. That was the gripe of P3 and that everyone was wrong for questioning her and her relationship with a married man. He’s the simp for even allowing things to go the way they were going. He’s the simp for tricking off his money to a woman who cares nothing for him and will allow herself to be used as a skee bucket to get money. What man would want a woman who’s willing to put herself in that position for money; maybe a pimp would, but not a man who has integrity, morals, principles, and most importantly, self control. Instead, it’s the other way around as she’s the pimp, and this man is the hoe, because she’s breaking this man for whatever he’s able to provide for her. Yet, a true pimp doesn’t have to do much to get anything from those around him, things just come naturally. In her case, she’s giving back to get what she wants; she provides her body to these men to obtain her riches. P3 doesn’t know where any one of you are from, but where P3 is from, those type of individuals are called whores, skeezers, prostitutes, call girls, etc, etc…..

And now, since that gravy-train has since left the station, she’s had to sell some of her belongings that was locked away in storage to maintain some sort of income. She’s so deliberate, it’s sickening. And speaking of deliberate, she’s now pregnant by the first man who winked and made six plus figures a year. It’s all a plot, a plan, to not do anything with herself, and yet, rake in doe. So no matter how you put it, if this new guy doesn’t stick around, she’s guaranteed to get a good monthly paycheck from him due to the child she’s carrying. You can’t knock her hustle, and she finds the simps that’ll kick out to support her, but it’s just disgusting that she does nothing, but open her legs, and gets paid. She’s the epitome of a gold digger.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a Gold Digger is defined as:

1: one who digs for gold

2: a person who uses charm to extract money or gifts from others

What does the aforementioned individual person do for money, have sex with the another to get the money, correct? In this case, the charm to extract the money or gifts from the other is sex. The charm is sex and there's no spin that this person can put on it, because that's what she is, and that's a gold digger.

Gold diggers come in many different forms, from using others for their own self gratification and financial advancement, to only involving themselves in a relationship with another individual if they are making at least a certain amount of money per year when they aren't drawing a dime themselves, they need that individual to support them; to making others believe they are in a relationship with someone, fulfilling that individuals needs in some shape or form, and in return, being showered with monetary and material gifts; to being an individual who is willing to sacrifice their bodies by having children to assure they will forever be linked to the wealthy individual by means of some kind of child support or a standard of living support (alimony); to being an individual who only marries to satisfy their monetary desires and to ultimately be the beneficiary of that other individual in case an accident happens, yet, not truly loving the individual they marry. The latter is the ultimate in relationship deception. You gave your solemn word in front of "friends", family, and before God that you would take care of this individual, that you loved this individual, that through the best and the worst of times you will be by that person's side, yet, in the back of your mind, you're only out for something material. Then there's the individual who claims to love the other in marriage, yet, when the relationship hits rock bottom, refuses to leave the relationship in fear that their meal ticket will be cut off. This type of gold digger will be discussed in part 2 of this commentary.

Today, we're going to discuss the individual who marries for their own material and financial gain. These gold diggers may associate themselves with the most unattractive of individuals solely for their money and status. These gold digger want to take the trip that the affluent may be going on and will do whatever it takes to be taken along on that ride; even if it means getting surgery to enhance their appearance to fit within the circle of the wealthy, having their children, and simply becoming a slave, so they may live in comfort and obtain those riches. So once the "relationship" goes south, the gold digger is going to want more than their share in the split because they gave up so much in life to be with that individual who swore they would take care of them. The gold digger most likely will have no earning potential, before, during, and after the "relationship" has ended, but they may only a few goals, hobbies, and ambitions; and when these facts are brought before a judge, the gold digger will get more than what they deserve because they sacrificed themselves to obtain either the entire pot of gold or just a piece. There may be instances where the gold digger doesn't get everything they believed they'd get in the judgment because their ex-"partner" doesn't have the riches they once had because those riches have already been dried up during the "relationship" or by other business ventures gone south.

The gold digger will then use this settlement to enact their goals to "flip" the money they obtained, because in reality, the gold digger is a hustler. A hustler at heart will attempt to flip whatever money they have to make more money. A perfect example is one of the Housewives of Atlanta who has the goal and ambition of becoming a fashion designer and has used her alimony money to fund her business. The business had a buzz, but there were no takers on the fashion line to get it manufactured and distributed, so it's a total failure. Just about everything that she obtained is dried up, gone, on a failed business venture. And it's to no surprise, she's seeking more from the ex to maintain her lifestyle and keep up with those around her. The shame of being a failure has set in and the victim role must be played in an attempt to extort more money. The rumor of the newest house, the house that hasn't been lived in for more than 2 years as a downsize from the previous home, is now in foreclosure. Instead of working like a normal individual, this gold digger elects to live off the monthly checks and the hopes of the clothing line becoming a success. The thought logic is a fail, but that's the gamble a gold digger takes to live the high life.

Another example of a gold digger is one who sacrificed themselves to obtain riches while in a relationship when they had earning potential before but stopped doing whatever it was they were doing to make that money and once the relationship ended, the judge awarded the gold digger an obscene amount based on her current earnings, which was nothing.

A sucker is born everyday but a blind sucker is born every other day. Sometimes a gold digger can't be spotted because they hide in sheep's clothing. They appear to be innocent to those looking from afar or those only with eyes good enough to see just the surface, but deep down, there's a motive involved. The gold digger has the potential of making money but ceased all efforts once getting involved in a relationship with someone who makes a good amount of money per year. On top of that, this gold digger gets pregnant, upping their chances of making more money once the relationship ends. As stated before, the gold digger may look innocent, but they really are out for keeps.

They sacrificed themselves by putting their careers on hold and started a family, so before a judge, that's their argument. There's no need to stop making money on their part, they chose to do so and live off the other. And now that the relationship is over, their argument will be that they don't make any money and requests the maximum in support (alimony), coupled with child support. Of course a judge is going to stick it to the man, but once it becomes official, the gold digger continues their career making money. That's a true hustler's spirit to basically deceive and rob, play the victim, then go back to making money legitimately. That's why you have to watch out for the snakes by having your grass cut low at all times.

Now-a-days, it's hard to tell if someone is going to be with you because of your money or because it's real love. There's so many ways of getting over on people for one's own financial and material gain, it's not even funny. You have to look out for yourself when in a relationship and think to yourself, "why this person is with me?" You have to notice the signs of deception and listen for little comments that just don't make any sense. Look out for actions that could be detrimental to your relationship to the point where a split could cause you to split with your money on a grander scale. Protect yourself and just as the female watches your every move, you also keep one eye open and make calculated moves to assure the security of your funds.

The next part of this commentary will focus on gold diggers who refuse to break off a relationship in fear of losing their meal ticket.

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