Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mack Lessons: 7 Levels of Disrepect From Females

We've been listening to New York Times Best Selling Author Tariq "Elite" Nasheed for almost a year now. We're late in the game when it comes to his ism, but it's better late than never.

Currently, Tariq "Elite" is on tour, and he recently made a visit to the Washington D.C. area earlier this year. It was said to be a great show and he's made plans to make a return trip sometime later this year. Hopefully he does so, so he can share the game with everyone in the DMV area.

Back in 2008, Tariq made a podcast titled 7 Levels of Disrespect From Females. This show came about after a rash of incidents where women were getting out of pocket with their significant other. He details the different levels of disrespect ranging from slick and rude talking back to violence against their significant other. Peep his game and understand that as a man, even as a woman, you should see the signs of disrespect from your other, and nip it in the bud before it turns to violence. He not only speaks in the now, but he also speaks for the future. He's trying to school everyone, man, woman, and child, on the game, and how to be a mack at life.


We at P³ Entertainment will try to book Tariq "Elite" in the near future, so we can uphold our moto of bringing the best in entertainment, and in this case, game, to you.

To learn more about Tariq "Elite" Nasheed, his best selling books, DVDs, pay per view specials, and his current lecture tour, go to MACK LESSONS for more info.

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