Thursday, July 1, 2010

Commentary: BP Oil Spill & Agenda 21 Conspiracy

We're no experts on disasters, ecology, politics, etc, but this bit of “news” scares the crap out of us. This “news” doesn’t come from reputable sources but they damn sure make it sound good. There’s tons of conspiracy theories as to why this oil spill is happening. Recently, there was a YouTube posting stating the oil spill is not oil but volcanic ash and sulfur. Apparently, the drilling company was 20-30 thousand feet down, not 2-5 thousand, as they state, hit the side of an underwater volcano or created a volcano by piercing the bottom of the sea floor. The video says this is evident by the doctoring of the “live” streaming of the oil gushing out which seems to be a video of a video. This is under suspicion because if you look closely, you can see someone entering and leaving the room as a reflection on the monitor; as if someone’s in an editing room. The video is real “informative”, sounds logical, but we don’t know what to believe.

Here is the video, in an attempt to expose the possible conspiracy that is the BP Oil Spill:

There's also a recent article about how within a couple years the Earth could basically be destroyed by this event because of the piercing of the sea floor. Apparently, all of the material that’s spilling out will empty into the ocean, killing everything worldwide, eventually making its way inland, contaminating fresh water sources, and the domino effect begins. This is a possible Extinction Level Event (E.L.E). Eventually, the sea floor will shift, due to the emptying of the well that capped the natural leak, causing a Tsunami, wiping out coastal cities from Texas to Florida that surround the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently, this is a plan that has been in effect for the past 17 years, and that plan is called Agenda 21.

If you don't know what Agenda 21 is, read THIS article and educate yourselves.

HERE is an article supporting the theory that Agenda 21 could be the cause of this catastrophy.

As stated before, we're not sure what to believe. It was always speculated that "The Powers That Be" wanted the coastal cities since Hurricane Katrina. Those people effected by Katrina never got their land back. Instead, the land went to casinos and to the highest bidder. When we deal with disasters such as Katrina and now this oil spill, the reaction to them are so shady, it’s apparent that other interests are the reason why the response is so slow. Someone wants these areas around the Gulf to be uninhabitable, so everyone can leave, and then magically, if possible and true, the disaster will be fixed; only after everyone has left or was killed off. Also, the Tsunami theory is a way to wipe out everyone who decides to stay in those regions. "The Powers That Be" want to make that region as uninhabitable as possible so they can use it for their purposes; control the population living off welfare and social security, and to make money.

Both bits of information sounds logical, one stating that this event is a cover up and is controlled, while the other points to a possible End of Times event. Yet, they both point to the same culprit(s) as to why this has happened and explain the same reason why this has happened and what affect it will have on all those in that region to possibly the entire planet Earth.

Scary sounding stuff, but we’ll wait and see in a couple months if they can actually stop it from polluting the entire ocean. If this was a controlled event, then how come it hasn’t been done before and why the visible “slick” that has reached out to hundreds of miles from the epicenter? If this was a controlled event, then why wait so long to cap it off or control the amount of “gases and tar” spewing from the hole that will destroy the lives of thousands along coastal cities? If they know what might be able to stop the flow, why not have it on deck when it was apparent there was going to be a “slick” hundreds of miles wide and long? These are the types of questions that go against these conspiracy theories, but we will have to wait until August/September to see what happens, won’t we…

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