Thursday, July 1, 2010

Scarface: Dopeman Music

Mr. Scarface is back!!!

This is supposedly Brad "Scarface" Jordan's first official mixtape. He brings the heat on this effort, pepping up his flow and getting back to spittin' rhymes with a couple new partners, B. James and Monk Kaza.

Scarface's last two efforts were acclaimed as sub par efforts, yet listenable. Many say M.A.D.E. and Emeritus were depressing efforts, focusing on too many dark subjects, making many people think that 'Face is about to put a razor to his wrist. But Dopeman Music is a breath of fresh air, as the young bucks that he's featuring on this album most likely got the veteran trying to keep up, so he's brought his "A" game to the table, not to be out-shined.

The first half of the album surpasses his last two efforts just on shear emotion alone. The production is tight and everyone seems to be putting their best foot forward with their lyrical game. Who said the South don't have lyricists?

Scarface once again proves that he is the one and only King of the South with Dopeman Music.

1. Picking Up The Pieces
2. Dopeman Music (feat. B. James & Monk Kaza)
3. Lyrical Assault (feat. Malice & Mr. Lo Key)
4. FaSho Money (Skit)
5. Gwap (feat. B. James & Monk Kaza)
6. Get Lost (feat. B. James, Monk Kaza & Rodney Gant)
7. The N Word
8. The Ghetto Report (feat. B. James & Monk Kaza)
9. 2 The Beat (feat. B. James & Monk Kaza)
10. Wanted
11. Hustle Game
12. Riff Raff (Skit)
13. In My Blood (feat. B. James)
14. Bad Man (feat. Papa Reu)

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