Wednesday, December 2, 2015

All-Time Rap Artists #24: The D.O.C.


The D.O.C. makes the list in the #24 position due to his potential of being an all around artist and producer.  He has been given his proper due for the early success of N.W.A. as an executive producer and ghostwriter for Eazy-E and other group members.  Also, to some, he may be responsible for the early success of Snoop Dogg during the Doggystyle Era, as it is speculated that he wrote some of Snoop's rhymes.  The rumor started to grow after Snoop noticeably fell off lyrically once he left Death Row Records for No Limit Records.  But that's mere speculation....

The D.O.C. had started out in the mid 80s in a group named the Fila Fresh Crew and was affiliated with N.W.A.  As previously stated, D.O.C. had penned and co-produced several N.W.A., Eazy-E, and Michel'le hits, before going solo.  His solo debut, No One Can Do It Better, was released in 1989 and peaked at #20 on the Billboard 200 charts.  The album went platinum 5 years after its release, set a benchmark for West Coast hip-hop, and is a certified classic to hip-hop aficionados.

Again, tragedy strikes, as months after the release of No One Can Do It Better, D.O.C. was involved in a car accident that crushed his larynx and permanently changing his voice.  If he had not been involved in that accident, D.O.C. could have changed the West Coast hip-hop scene in its entirety due to his versatile ear for production and noticeable voice when he spoke.

He is regarded as a legend in hip-hop, even with just one certified platinum album under his belt; but the impact of that one album has made it's mark 25 years later with it's replay value.  No One Can Do It Better is an album that has lasted the test of time, and future generations who come across the album will be blessed with a true treat.

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