Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tiger Woods is STILL a N* Word to Many

Regardless of how much money a black man makes/has, in the eyes of anyone non-black, you are a NIGGER. Even the non-whites, meaning, Hispanics, and any other ethnic race that did not originate from Europe, sees blacks as inferior to them because they wish to be equal with whites, or "the team that's winning". It's their way of "kicking us while we're down and trying to get up"; it'll look cool to them and those they are trying to impress. It's a sick, demented, way of climbing the racial and social ladder, to impress those you see as "the master", "the boss of things".

This is not the first time, in public, Tiger Woods has been put "in place", by classifying him by the foods people of darker skin color tend to eat. The apology is hollow; it means nothing. The apology Sergio made is just an attempt to maintain whatever sponsorship and endorsements he may have, and to take the heat off the clubhouse; because I'm pretty sure many in the clubhouse feel the same way about Tiger. When Fuzzy Zoeller made the same type comment in 1997 after Tiger won The Masters, Zoeller lost endorsements; so Sergio is trying to hold on to what he has by quickly apologizing.


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