Saturday, September 15, 2012


PRIDE*PROSPERITY*POWER is what we're all about.  Everyone has the ability to be a legend in their own right if they continue to work hard at the craft and stay focused.  Don't let outside forces influence the direction you wish to take for yourself.  If you know you want to implement your own ideas to further brand yourself, then do them.  There's no benefits at the end if you don't take calculated risks.  Yet, some of those risks don't include listening to what others have to say about your direction.  Speak up if you don't like something, and in the end, you to, will have PRIDE in what you set out to accomplish.  If you stay on the path that you set for yourself, PROSPERITY will soon follow.  Only you can control the destiny of your own career, if you so choose to do so.  If what others tell you what's best for you sounds suspect, then speak up and take the time to think about the benefits of another person's decision for you.  Take the time to research all the possibilities of what's best for you, either by the decision making abilities of a vested interest, or by your own decision.  Take control of your career, and once you have control over every aspect of your being, then you have ultimately obtained POWER.

Each key word is represented by a color.  Each color has a definition which describes each key word.  Look up each key word and the color associated with them, and then you'll understand what P³ Entertainment is all about.  Apply each keyword to your daily routine, and you will come out on top of everything you set out to accomplish.  Know how to use each word to your advantage, because knowing how to use each word allows you to stand on your own two, without much assistance, because you are in control.  Knowledge and strength is key.

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