Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekly Top 10 Voting Booth

Beyonce cast her vote.  What about you?
This weeks choices of songs from local and various independent artists are 21 deep.  Only the top 10 songs with the highest vote count will make the countdown.

In order to vote, locate the Voting Booth on the right panel of the page and select your favorite song from the list below.  You will be able to click a link by the artist to either see their video or hear their song on a music hosting site, such as Soundcloud or Reverbnation.  Once you've made your decision, select the song, and you've honored your right to vote.  The beautiful thing about this system is that you will be allowed to vote as many times as you please.  There are no restrictions on the number of times you can cast a vote for an artist/song.

Below is the list of candidates vying for your vote.  Click on the song title to view the video or listen to the song:

* Poosie Mane - Nino Brown (featuring Project Pat)
* Magic - Zoo (featuring PR & Di$trict)
* Nina Ross - Turn On Da Lights
* CheMerk - Wild Life
* Don Flair - Sean Combs
* Seta - Piff
* Puffy Pocket Boys - Chill Ish
* Marni - Freewave
* King David - 500 $50s (featuring Caine)
* Yung Jay - Gotta Make It
* Bad Newz Gang - All I Do Iz Hustle (featuring Plies Glizzy)
* Olu Jay - Curriculum
* TrixCity - Stains
* Lena Chanel - Fool Of Me
* Big Dipper The Star - Quit Playin'
* Savvy League - All Out (featuring Vasko Picasso)
* Leak - May 17th (featuring 4DaFame & Marco)
* Muknee - Roll 3x
* Young Atlantic - Grind It Out (featuring Prada)
* Yung Damon - My Show (featuring Gucci Mane)
* Sted Lee - Bottles

Only the previous weeks Top 10 will get an automatic push as a candidate for the current week.  So if you haven't been in consideration or want to stay a candidate, but haven't made the Top 10, send P³ Entertainment a song for consideration.

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