Saturday, November 17, 2012

Week 2 Countdown Review

Che Merk bounces to #1
This week saw a ton of candidates vying for votes to be #1 on the Countdown.  Fans from the DMV and all over filed into The Voting Booth to vote for their favorite artist/song and they have spoken.  With 40% of the vote, Che Merk (@CheMerk) took the #1 spot on this weeks Countdown with the song Wild Life on the P³ Entertainment Radio Show entitled "Untitled volume 30", which is now online at

Once again, this week showcased artists of all genres, including hip-hop, rap, R&B, and soul.  Last weeks #1, Bad Newz Gang (@badnewzgang202) was knocked out of the Countdown altogether, showing how stiff the competition was this week.  Maybe with the next voting cycle, EVERYONE will vote, even the candidate themselves can vote to make the Countdown.  Every vote counts for something, even if it is the artist voting for themselves.

There is no gold chalice or blue ribbon for taking the #1 spot on a weekly basis, but campaigning and getting your team, fans, and followers to vote for your work and actually seeing the results, the fruits of your labor is worth the acknowledgement and honor of being #1.

Though P³ Entertainment is relatively unknown to most, we create an alternate avenue to have your music played during a semi-professional broadcast of mainstream and independent music.  We attempt to bring an underground sound to internet radio and give a chance to independent artists that your local and national radio stations will never give a chance.  That is the benefit of submitting your music to the P³ Entertainment Radio Show, either as a regular play or as an entry into the Countdown.  That is the benefit of getting played on the show; another avenue to be heard and show that you do have a loyal following.  You never know who may be listening, and if you show consistency, that's when the majors may come knocking.

This weeks Countdown was rounded out as such:

(2) May 17th (featuring 4DaFame & Marco)
Leak (@OneManArmy_Leak)
4DaFame (@Solouptodolo)

(3) Gotta Make It
Yung Jay (@YungJay_)

(4) Roll 3x
Muknee (@Itz_Muknee)

(5) Fool Of Me
Lena Chanel (@_LenaChanel)

(6) Freewave
Marni (@marniXchange)

(7) My Show (featuring Gucci Mane)
Yung Damon! (@yungdamon)
Gucci Mane (@gucci1017)

To get your song placed into the countdown, contact P³ Entertainment on Twitter @dmv_mally_g or e-mail the mp3 or link to the song to  The Top 10 Voting Booth (located in the right panel) will be open daily until 4PM on Fridays; so gather up your team, fans, and followers, and vote until your fingers can't click anymore to get your song or your favorite independent artist song #1 on the countdown.

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