Tuesday, November 5, 2013


First and foremost, don't let the title confuse you, PRIDE * PROSPERITY * POWER is doing alright without the mainstream radio, and no media outlets are censoring the hustle. The under-appreciated, under-rated, underground independent radio show known as the P³ Entertainment Radio Show is alive and well, and has returned to the air.

This is a call to the microphone for all artists to express themselves from the gut.  The next project on deck is one that will allow you to express yourself, unfiltered, and in your utmost RAWEST form.

"THE RADIO WON'T PLAY ME" is an opportunity brought to the attention of PRIDE * PROSPERITY * POWER via UK artist, TrixCity, that will allow everyone interested to drop their rawest, hardcore, and grittiest bars in an on-camera freestyle or acappella format, holding nothing back in the most artistic of ways.  The lyrics are so hardcore, gritty, and raw that the artists themselves know, "THE RADIO WON'T PLAY ME".

This will be an ongoing project that will broadcast submissions on the UK Talent Show "Bar Sessions" segment on YouTube.  So this is a call to all artists to gain some additional international exposure by submitting your most rawest on-camera freestyle or acappella to be showcased on "Bar Sessions".

You can either submit your visual using the VIDEO SUBMISSION icon on the left panel of the page.  If you simply want to e-mail your material, you can send the visual to p.3entertainment@live.com SUBJECT: RADIO WON'T PLAY ME.  Tweet visual links via Twitter to @DMV_Mally_G.

Go against the grain and show your raw side, the side the radio refuses to acknowledge.

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