Monday, October 28, 2013


Taken from Soundcloud:
If anyone knows Southeast (aka Sace) they know that there was a point in time when he and Wale were 'thick as thieves' on the D.C. hip-hop scene; then something "happened".  Nobody really knows what "happened," but Wale blew up and Sace, kinda, didn't. 

On this track titled, "Forever Hitter Quitter", Sace touches on a few topics that may have contributed to his "time" coming now and not "earlier".

As of 28 October 2013, Wale has seemingly deleted his Twitter account possibly due to the release of the song.  It is widely speculated that Wale deleted the account because he was being bombarded with Redskins jokes and didn't want to defend the home team; but then there's Forever Hitter Quitter, that has shed some light on the fallout between he and a "former" associate, and he does not feel that he has to address it.  Well, the streets and Twitter are having fun with the "coincidence" of Wale's account being deleted at the same time someone so close to him releases a track addressing his behavior and how he deals with people from home since gaining national attention.

Let's give it a few to see how Wale responds to the track from Southeast Slim, if he does at all, and what his reasoning for his Twitter account to either be deleted or put into limbo.  Regardless of his reason, people will say he ran from the situation instead of facing it straight on.

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