Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013 to everyone and thank you all who has supported P³ Entertainment through the year 2012.  There has been plenty of opportunity in the past year, and only a sound mind made the right decisions based on timing.  In 2013, who knows what the year and future hold, but once opportunity comes knocking at the door, patience and thorough thinking will provide the chance at PROSPERITY.  Make the year 2013, the year to start anew; don't rush your decisions, and play everything into your hands.  Make the year 2013 the year that you benefit from your proper decision making that will set you up for a chance to be prosperous.

No more making yearly resolutions on what you think you want to do with yourself.  Write down those goals and set out to accomplish them.  Take PRIDE in what you want to accomplish, and no matter how difficult it may seem to achieve a certain milestone to reach your goal, educate yourself and ask questions to get the answers you need to move to the next milestone.  Sitting around thinking of your next move is doing nothing but killing time where you'll eventually lose your train of thought, and become stagnant; you'll lose focus.  In order to become prosperous, you have to keep moving.  A healthy body, is a body in motion; a healthy mind, is a mind always at work, thinking of the next move.  A hustler doesn't make money if he sleeps; and he takes no holidays off.  To be successful, you have to keep moving, no matter the day.

If you want POWER in whatever avenue of game that you choose to take, you have to know what you want.  That's why 2013 should be the year that you gather yourself, and know what you what in life.  Steadily taking life day by day will simply get you by, as you take whatever comes before you at that moment; but to achieve your goals down the line, in the far future, you have to know what it is that you want.  So take the time to evaluate your life, the people around you, and think what and who is best for you to accomplish your goals.  You have to think in the long run, and along the way, build to that ultimate goal; step by step.  With each step, you have to thoroughly plan who can take a part of that step to help you get to the plateau.  Not to say that you should use people for what they can do for you, but together, with a common goal, two heads are better than one, and together you can meet those milestones and reach your goal a lot faster.  That's why I say, you have to keep people in your life that have the same interests as you, and that only interest should be to obtain success through PRIDEPROSPERITY, and POWER.

So don't sit around, thinking of what resolution to partake in to make you feel as if you've accomplished something.  Make moves NOW to get money, be successful, and be happy.  That's all we truly want out of life anyway; is to live comfortably.  Don't let anything stop you from achieving those goals.  Don't let another person in your life stop you, don't let family stop you, and most important, don't let your own mind, your own self stop you from moving forward and finding PROSPERITY for yourself.

"Real niggaz do what they wanna do, bitch niggaz do what they can." - 2Pac, Starin' Through My Rearview

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