Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Foreign Exchange Program

If you've been listening to the P³ Entertainment ‏Radio Show over the past few weeks, you may have heard me mention there will be an "Exchange Program", where I am recruiting independent artists from the DMV region, as well as other independent artists from around the country to participate in the program to have their music showcased and played on a radio show originating out of the United Kingdom. The radio show is hosted by an artist that I have showcased and played on the P³ Entertainment Radio Show in the past by the name of TrixCity (@TrixCity).

This is an opportunity for any and all independent artists who wish to gain more exposure to jump at the chance to get their material heard overseas, not just in their general region or territory.

To participate in this "Exchange Program" or to get more information on this event, contact Mally G (@DMV_Mally_G) on Twitter or simply e-mail your music in .mp3 format to P³ Entertainment, and in the subject line, put "EXCHANGE PROGRAM".  Links to your music and/or video to be played on the UK radio show will be accepted as well.

Remember, this is your opportunity to promote yourself and your region on foreign soil.  So, don't just submit any song to be played, provide your best material with the best quality sound.  You're not only representing yourself, you're also representing your region.  Don't let this opportunity be of any pressure on you or scare you off.  If you're making music, you're making music for the masses, not just your yard or neighborhood.  Legends are made when the world knows their name; so what are you going to be, a "hoodie", or a Legend?

So e-mail those songs .mp3 format to P³ Entertainment, or contact me via Twitter, Mally G (@DMV_Mally_G), to get more information on the "Exchange Program".

Let's do it, DMV....

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