Saturday, July 17, 2010

Update: Movie List

This is the latest and greatest movie list available for you all to save, take a look at, print, choose which movie you'd like to review, share, and spread the word. An update will most likely be posted every other week, unless something major is released for review; then it'll be added to the post here or reviewed online as a movie article.

Every day, something new and old comes our way and we'll be on top of it. So if you're looking for an old blaxploitation film from the 70's or your favorite television show from the 80's, look here first, we might have it for you to review. So check this site as much as you can for a random movie review and updated movie list.

The movies keep coming in and we've been on top of them to bring them to you to review. Oldie-but-goodies to the new school of Hollywood, we've got it. We cover so much ground, from old black and white gangster movies to classic cartoons for the inner-child of a 30-something.

Our inventory spans over 1,500 titles and growing each and every day. If you don't see a title you're interested in, just contact us, and we'll try to fulfill your request within a few days.

The newest titles we received this week (07/17 thru 07/23) for review are:
  • The Game: Season 3, 3-Disc
  • Miami Vice: Season 4, Disc 5
  • Miami Vice: Season 5, Disc 2
  • The Losers
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 7, 2-Disc
  • Something Like A Business
  • The Wrestler (1974)
  • Cop Out
Contact us at if you live in the DMV region and wish to review something for yourself.

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