Saturday, July 10, 2010

Technology: SourceForge 7-zip file extractor

Many, if not all, of the large files that are uploaded onto the internet are compressed and "zipped" into a folder with the extension (.rar). This goes for many of the mixtapes and large presentations that are shared to the world.

In order to successfully retrieve the files of a (.rar) file that you may download from the internet, has an extractor that will do the job. The extractor name is 7-zip and it is very useful. 7-zip will show you the location of the downloaded "zipped" folder and asks where would you want to "unzip" the contents of the folder. Once you set up that location, simply extract the folder to the location of your choice and you are done.

Use 7-zip for the free mixtape downloads and other downloadable offers that are available here at

Never say we don't look out for ya....

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